Dec 12, 2008

CBC Food Drive

Tippinators Help Less Fortunate at CBC Food Drive for Feed Nova Scotia

The Tippinators have attended many paintball events over the past two years. At each event the team does their best to make a positive contribution to the paintball community, leading by example, with integrity and fair play.

This holiday season the Tippinators decided to take the team ethos one step further and contribute to the community. The team purchased a trunk load of food, using money gather from the team members, topped off with non perishable food items from home all to support the Halifax area food banks through Feed Nova Scotia.

The team planned to drop the food at a local mall during a radio station food drive. Half of the team showed up with food only to find that food drive event had met their quota and ended the previous day.

The team contacted Feed Nova Scotia directly to find out where the donation could be made. Feed Nova Scotia was glad to hear from the team and mentioned an upcoming food drive sponsored by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Feed Nova Scotia also said they were looking for volunteers to work the CBC Food Drive during the morning rush hour at the Halifax Ferry Terminal, the main non vehicular commuter route into the Provincial capital.

On Friday December 12th, seven Tippinators cleared their schedules and showed up before Tim Horton’s was even serving coffee - that’s really early on the Canadian clock. The team stayed at the Ferry Terminal collecting food and cash donations from the throng of morning commuters.

Mark ‘Tinman’ Miller was initially disappointed at missing the radio sponsored food drive. “We were all pretty disappointed, but I’m glad we missed that drop off” Miller continued, “What we did today had more impact on the community than just dropping off some food and leaving. What we did made a difference.”

As the rush died down, the team helped the CBC staff load the food donations for transport to Feed Nova Scotia. The team and CBC were pleased that the morning work resulted in a van of food and over $1000 cash, to feed needy families over the Christmas season.

“It was a great experience, the people of Halifax really care about helping others.” commented Chris ‘Fuzzy’ Landry, “Everyone who donated really dug deep. I specifically remember one lady reaching into her pocket and grabbing a whole handful of change, and then giving a portion to each one of us, we were all smiles after that.”

“This amount of cash though small does have an impact on the bigger picture,” said Ben ‘Ch3’ VanHorn, “Today we fed some families, and raised awareness for the hungry.” So pleased by the outcome VanHorn vowed “Next year the Tippinators will do it bigger, better and feed even more families.”

Thanks to the positive feedback from commuters and success of the day’s activities. The Tippinators will be ‘on call’ for the next CBC food drive in support of Feed Nova Scotia.

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Dec 5, 2008

East Coast Champs

Originally published in February 2009 issue of Action Pursuit Games

East Coast Champs: Tippinators

Milsim Maniacs Battle the Tippinators for the Atlantic Woodsball League Series Title!

In the beginning, there was only woodsball. World title matches played out in the woods. There was no "speedball" no arena-ball games. Today, in return to paintball's strong suit, fields around the country see the resurgence in woodsball. Paintball is moving back into the woods, not only with big games and scenarios, but also with woodsball tournaments and competitive woodsball leagues...."

Acttion Pursuit Games - February 2009

One such league, the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL), draws hardcore woodsballers from Eastern Canada. Due to demand are opening in 2007, the AWL expanded in 2008, for competition against the best teams in the region. The AWL works to keep the games fun and exciting for players regardless of experience.

AWL founder and event producer Shaun Langille said, "We learned a lot during 2007 that we applied to make the (2008) season even better. The influx of new teams to the league proves there is a market for this kind of paintball if it's done right"

The "easy to understand" game format has teams playing a single round robin format. Each match is broken into two 30-minute games with teams switching flag stations for the second game. This gives each team a turn at each flag station, to keep things even if there is ant field position advantage.

Points accumulated during play determine that match winner. Eliminating opposing players, plus taking and holding each of three flag stations, earn points for the team, eliminated players immediately re-enter the game after checking in with a scorekeeper and rechronographing.

The Simplicity of the play makes the games fun, exciting, and highly competitive. Jason Thomson of the Milsim Maniacs, impressed with the rule set and the high level of play, said, "The competition faced in the AWL put the fun back in woodsball. It's been a long time since I've seen such a dedicated group of players ready to play their hearts out"

"The show of sportsmanship by all players was incredible. It's fantastic to see a league that is a rewarding for woodsballers as it is fun," said Thomson.

Dan Lapham of the Tippinators, a former CXBL All-Star, enjoyed getting back to his paintball roots with competitive Woodsball. "AWL allowed me to once again feel all the reasons I first fell in love with the sports in the beginning," said Lapham. "Playing paintball, having fun, all in hopes of coming off the field with at least one good story to share in the staging area.

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Nov 7, 2008

Television Appearance

Tippinators on CTV Breakfast Television

Justin 'KossaK' Landry and Bruce 'Charon' Johnston were asked to appear on the highly rated Canadian Television Network's (CTV) Breakfast Television. Landry talked about paintball, then joined teammate Johnston in a couple of quick woodsball games with program host Cyril Lunney.

Tippinators on CTV - Breakfast Television

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Oct 30, 2008

Paintball, Hobby or Sport

Is paintball a hobby, or is it a sport? Sounds like a funny question coming from an avid paintballers, but the more people I talk to, who don’t play paintball, the more this question comes up.

To the people who play, there is no doubt that paintball is a sport. When you consider that there are more than 11 million players worldwide who also consider paintball a sport, how can the general public think of the game as a hobby?

Part of the confusion may arise from the definitions of each term from A hobby is defined as an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. Sport is defined as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. According to the definitions, paintball is both.

Most people have their first experience with paintball at a birthday or bachelor party or corporate outing. The purpose of these paintball games would clearly fall within the definition of hobby - go out, shoot some paint, have some fun.

After playing a few times most people start getting a little more competitive, moving into speedball or competitive woodsball. Or, they just play walk on days at their local field.

Both types of game require quire skill and both are played for pleasure. Since the world champion Los Angles Ironmen and SPPL champion Smart Corp have full time jobs to pay the bills, including paying for paintball, the players must be doing it for pleasure. By the same token no one can argue that the members of either of these teams aren’t athletes.

Is paintball a hobby or a sport? Those of us, who play, at any level, know it is a sport. If others think paintball is a hobby that’s fine, as long as they come out and play, at least once, and see for themselves that paintball, unlike many other sports, can be whatever you want it to be.

When people realize that paintball is customizable to any participate at any skill level. That the game can be as competitive or relaxed as you want it to be, they to will see paintball like we do. A great sport, or hobby, or pastime that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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Oct 21, 2008

Tippmann & HammerHead

Tippmann Exclusive Distributor for HammerHead

We are pleased to announce that Tippmann Sports has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution program with HammerHead Paintball to sell and market their line of high-performance barrels. A formal press release will be going out shortly but I wanted to give you advance notice to this exciting relationship that will allow you to sell the most accurate paintball barrels in the game. All HammerHead barrels distributed by Tippmann are designed to fit and complement the look of Tippmann’s existing 98 Custom, X7 and A-5 markers.

In addition to the barrels listed below, Tippmann will be selling three Muzzle Breaks and five different Fins (Sizers) for 98 or A-5/X7 markers. The Straightline for the A-5/X7, Shark Tooth and Battle Stikxx Barrels will be available for shipment beginning October 27th. The Bang Stikxx, Straightline with 98 threads and all Muzzle Breaks will available the week of November 17th.
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Oct 15, 2008

Paintball = Terrorism

Does Paintballing = Terrorism ?!?!?!?

My entire life I have been told that physical activity is vital to development in young people and to overall health of everyone regardless of age.

Government websites state that physical activity helps maintain a healthy body weight, and is associated with positive self-esteem, greater self-efficacy, improved academic and cognitive performance, and greater perceived well-being. Physical activity helps reduce a number of risk factors for diseases such as coronary heart disease by setting positive habits early on in childhood and adolescence.

The last time I checked paintball is a great physical activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. So according to the government paintball is good, right?

No necessarily. I recently came across this article from the Globe and Mail here in Canada...

Globe and Mail - 28/09/2008

Toronto -- When I was a teenager, I sometimes "cut doughnuts" in icy parking lots with my parents' car. Paintball was before my time, but I sometimes went camping in the winter and spent much of the time horsing around with my friends in the snow.....

Does this make me a terrorist? According to Canada's anti-terrorism laws, it seems the answer could be yes. In his ruling, Mr. Justice John Sprout argued that "engaging in activities such as paint-balling, physical exercise and rafting is by no means inconsistent with the existence of a terrorist group." If casting a wide net is our government's strategy to fight terrorism, then expect more guilty verdicts. But don't think it makes Canada a safer place.

You have to be kidding me. John Sprout is a judge, which means he is an educated man. I guess education and common sense are mutually exclusive.

To say "paint-balling is by no means inconsistent with the existence of a terrorist group" is akin to saying "consuming solid sustenance, defecating and breathing oxygen are not inconsistent with being a serial killer."

There are 11 million paintballers out there right now. There are more paintballers than some country's have people. According to Justice Sprout that would mean there are 11 million potential terrorists running around. Psssst... Hey Homeland Security.... If this is true your job just got a little harder.

Asinine statements like the one made by Justice Sprout go to show how little, he, and the general public really know about our sport. I am willing to bet if he put on the goggles and came out for a day he would change his, misinformed opinion.

It is up to you, and everyone out there who loves paintball, to educate people about our great sport. To let people know that paintballers aren't warmongering, ultra violent, terrorists, despite what Justice Sprout thinks. Paintballers are international brotherhood of people who have, positive self-esteem, greater self-efficacy, improved academic and cognitive performance, and greater perceived well-being because of outdoor physical activity.
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Oct 13, 2008

Congratulations Dawn and TJ

Tippinators reserve player Dawn Allcot and her husband TJ welcomed their baby daughter Ashley Lyn Allcot into the world on Sunday October 12th. Ashley was born at 10:04 pm and was 6 lbs., 4 oz., 19.5 inches.

The entire team wishes the best for Dawn and can't wait to see a few photos of the littlest Tippinator.
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Oct 5, 2008

Warriors in the Woods VIII

Warriors in the Woods VIII Breaks New Ground

The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming.

In a change from the previous seven Warriors in the Woods games, event organizer Eric Fisher of Banshee Paintball, decided to move away from the traditional World War II themed scenario game and move toward a Viking game?!?!

Warriors in the Woods VIII: Viking Battle of Gambit was played at Mersey Road Paintball, in East River, Nova Scotia on October 5th, 2008. The theme this time around was Vikings versus the Celts. Many of the 300 plus players who attended the game unaware of the theme change, where forced to get rid of their distinctive World War II German style helmets and A5's moded to look like Thompsons, in favor of horned helmets and battle axes.

"I thought the World War II theme had run it's course." Said organizer Eric Fisher. "This time around we decided to go with something completely different. The kids here seem to like it."

The Tippinators played on the side of the Viking invaders. Poised from the onset to crush the vile Celtic dogs and bring honor to the Northmen, or something along those lines.

The rule set and objectives were much simpler for this event. Each team had a flag at their end of the field. The goal was to fight your way through and capture the other team's flag.

The one twist in this edition of the game, in keeping with the ancient theme, was the inclusion of shields. Players were allowed to carry a personal shield, no larger than 32 inches across throughout the game. Shield hits did not count for eliminations so groups of players could link shields and form a mobile bunker system.

The shields gave the younger less experienced players an opportunity to move through the hail of paintballs, and emboldened the veterans to make spectacular run throughs on shielded players to break the stagnating lines.

As at previous Warriors games, the final outcome was decided in the fading minutes of the game. The Celts made a heroic charge through the Viking lines to secure the flag and final victory.

Plans are underway for Warriors in the Woods IX. No details have been released for the spring 2009 game, but whatever Fisher has up his sleeve, it should be a good one.
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Sep 28, 2008

Hailfax City Open

Tippinators and Shock Run Largest Speedball Event

Message from Event Organizer Kevin 'Big Can' Curry

See more photos from the Halifax City Open

I was going to do this last night but I decided to sleep on it so as not to forget anyone. I have to be honest and most of the guys can attest to this, I had a feeling that something was wrong after the event (besides the fact that Kyle ripped down half the poles), It was a surreal feeling. I kept thinking we had done something wrong, that somehow we had overlooked something. Never have I been to an event and things ran as smooth as they did yesterday especially when consider this was the largest one day, one field event in Altantic Canada.

1. 140 games (including finals in 8 hrs)
2. The paint, all grades shot well.
3. 3000 PSI was more then enough for EVERY division
4. The reffs were Freakin excellent
5. The sportsmanship was amazing
6. The competition was fierce

We started planning this event back during the end of June. As players, most of you have probably heard me say this at one time or another, I was tired of going to events just to play. As a player, when I'm spending money, I want to know I'm receiving value......and not just prizes. I want value added. We put a lot of emphasis on the extra curricular activities as we did the actual field games.

1. Beer tent
2. Rockstar
3. Giveaways
4. Music
5. Interviews
6. Media (photos by Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators, look for his photos and article in an upcoming issue of Action Pursuit Games)

I want players walking away from this event, even if they didn't place, feeling like they were part of something special. As with every other sport, only the crème de la crème place. However, that doesn't mean you should just show up pay your money, wait an hour between games and play again. We had three main goals; 1. Players have fun, 2. Crowd involvement, 3. Fast paced games

See more photos from the Halifax City Open

I asked everyone for their thoughts at one point of another during the day. "Great event " was the number one response. I believe this was possible because of the experience of the staff involved. Everyone one of us has played both 3man, 5man and xball. we know what players want at events. We also believe in treating people "Like we would want to be treated" Don't get me wrong, there were a few hiccups and many went unnoticed. All those do is show us areas that need improvement for next year. OHHHHHHHHHH Yes, HCO will be held again. After the response I received from players, how could we not.

Thank you

1. Jim and Howie - They took the plunge, built a facility that we can all enjoy and whom w/o this would not have been possible
2. - They have sponsored either myself or my team for the last 5 yrs. They really upped the ante this year with the prizes (Rookies all smiles)
3. Coors Lite - Probably the most important things we accomplished. the hurdles we had to jump for this to take place were many but a team effort pulled us through
4. Coca-Cola- In addition to Coors Lite, coke have already agreed to jump on for next year
5. Atlantic Xtreme - The paint was awesome
6. The reffs - Ken Gardiner has years and years of top AHL reffing, Not to mention the capable Tippinators and Shock reffs who were there to help him.
7. Justin, Chris, Bruce from the Tippinators, and Gilbert from Shock. You put many long hours into the field, the tourney, and the end team effort. WE HAVE succeeded.

TO YOU THE PLAYERS. To have everyone prepaid was amazing. Thank you for putting your trust and faith in us. We are only going to make this better.


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Sep 13, 2008

AWL Champions

Perfect 10-0 to Win AWL Championship

The pop heard after the final horn sounded ending the 2008 Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) season, was a champagne cork pulled by Kevin 'Big Can' Curry of Tippinators. Curry and the rest of the team used champagne to celebrate their second AWL victory in as many seasons.

See more Event photos

The final event of the AWL season took place September 13, 2008 at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia. The best woodsball players from across Atlantic Canada came together for the climax of the league's sophomore season.

Tippinators came into the day with an undefeated 8-0 record. The strong Mersey Road Mercenaries with an 6-2 record had a chance to overtake Tippinators on the final day. The team would have to play their best paintball of the season to retain the championship.

Victory for the team was by no means assured as the final matches were slated against the talented Overkill Commandos. The Commandos who beefed up their roster for the final event and home field advantage would prove a true test for the team.

From the opening horn of the first match Justin 'KossaK' Landry was able to move up the center of the field, within sight of the flag station, and hold back the Commandos until support could arrive. When teammates moved into flanking positions to provide suppressing fire Landry moved forward to pull the flag.

See more Event photos

With two of the three flag stations in the teams control the plan was to spread out the field, hold the Commandos back and run out the clock.

Richard 'Krush' Robinson, Dan 'The Mexican' Lapham and Kevin 'Big Can' Curry used aggressive fire and movement to move up the left side of the field to within yards of the third flag station.

Seeing their flag station was under pressure the Commandos reinforced that side of the field which played into the Tippinators game plan. Robinson, Lapham and Curry effective pinned the other team for the remainder of the game.

After winning the first match of the day, the Tippinators were assured victory and the league championship, regardless of the outcome of any other games.

Not wanting to relent and pushing for a second undefeated season the Tippinators came out even stronger in the second match against the Commandos.

Match two picked up where match one left off. From the start the Tippinators pushed through the middle flag station and held the field for the remainder of the match.

After a successful transition to league xball, the team is overjoyed to end the competitive season on a high note for woodsball.

Robinson, one of the keys to first match victory, is please with the 2008 season. "It was a fantastic year. We went from rookie three man to league xball and now we are the repeat AWL champs." Robinson continued, "Every player used their assigned roles to more effectively suit the style of play, xball or woodsball, and gel as a team." Robinson also sees one key to 2008, "This year we had a little more confidence in the woods building on the success from last season."

See more Event photos

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Aug 31, 2008

PEI Big Game

Second Annual Prince Edward Island Big Game

Allied forces attempted to repeat history as they stormed the shores of Normandy. This time the invasion wasn't in France, but on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The Tippinators along with hundreds of other players reenacted the Invasion of Normandy, the theme for the second annual PEI Big Game held at Spikes Paintball, in York, Prince Edward Island on August 31st.

Chris Vessey, the organizer and driving force behind the PEI Big Game, decided to go with a more familiar theme in 2008. "We decided to try a game in which every player knows the objectives." Vessey continued, "Field owner Roddy MacDonald wanted a scenario that was readily identifiable and understandable - and what better than the D-Day landings?"

See more Event photos

After a fierce initial fight at the opening horn the Allies were able to secure a small beachhead. Once they had ensured the beachhead would hold, and that respawned players were able to return to the game via landing craft, the Allies began to push forward.

The thin line of outnumbered German players began to crumble under the weight of constant Allied onslaughts. Fierce fights and mounting Allied casualties, along the entire line proved the Germans would not easily yield a single inch of ground.

As the Allies controlled more of the field, and with the noose ever tightening, the Axis General decided to use an airdrop behind the Allied lines. A group of 10 players dropped on the edge of the Allied beachhead wreaked such havoc on the Allied lines of re-supply and communication the entire offensive stopped. All Allied players redeployed to counter the threat to the rear.

German airdrops, while not historically accurate, added an extra dimension to the game. The drops gave the German command a chance to widen out the field, retake the initiative from the Allies and push the aggressors into the sea.

Before the bulk of the airdropped players were found, and eliminated, the German side was able to push the Allies back to their start point, but not off the field. The Allies, forced to retake territory for a second time, threw themselves aggressively into the German lines.

Renewed vigor of the Allied attacks following the removal of the German air drop quickly faded. The German side now knew the exact choke points and avenues of advance the Allies had used previously in the day.

The weight of numbers once again played to the Allies favour. The German side was, again, pushed back across the field, ever closer to the Enigma decoding machine, the main prop being searched for by the Allies.

Three of the German players, who survived the air drop, slowly made their way to the Allied beach. A final push into the surprised Allied players at the very rear of the field was enough to destroy the allied landing craft, cutting off any further reinforcements.

The daring move by the German players was not enough to turn the tide of battle. The Allies required no further reinforcements, and were able to secure the Enigma, winning the game in the final minutes of play.
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Aug 17, 2008

AXBL Final Event

AXBL Season Draws to a Close

The 2008 AXBL season has draw to a close after the final event held on August 17 at Atlantic Xtreme Paintball in Memramcook NB. The last event was the toughest for the Tippinators, scheduled to play the second place Waterloo ASA and first place Scotia Shock in their final two matches.

Heading into the final day of competition the Tipps were two points out of second place and poised to finish the season on the podium. A win against ASA and close game against Shock would vault the team into contention.

See more Event photos

The Tippinators came out swinging against ASA scoring the first point. The Tippinators' game plan was working, with everyone playing their best paintball of the season. The teams were evenly matched with the first half ending 7-5 in favor of ASA. A surge in the last two minutes gave the Tipps the momentum heading into the second half.

The second half started where the first left off as the team continued to have success applying pressure up the dorito side. Things were going well when a few rookie mistakes caught up with the Tipps, which drew penalties.

While killing penalties, the momentum shifted back to ASA who did not relinquish their lead throughout the power play. Having served their penalties and back to full strength the Tippinators mounted a spirited push to regain the momentum.

The last minute rush came to late to affect the outcome and Waterloo ASA went on to a 12-8 victory.

After a brief rest the team took to the field against the powerful, league leading Scotia Shock. The team was under no illusions that victory was possible. Shock had completely dominated every team in the league with an average 11 point margin of victory.

The game proved to be a great learning experience. Playing against superior a team quickly identifies the errors in your own game. When the dust settled Shock's margin over the Tippinators was 12 points, comparable to every other team in the league. Plus all team members learned from the experience and improved because of it.

The team gave it everything they had but were unable to improve their league ranking, finishing out the season with a sixth place finish.

Chris 'Fuzzy' Landry was happy with the season as a whole. "We went from rookie three man in 2007 to holding our own against the best in the east in open X-Ball." Landry continued, "2008 was a year for us to step up to new challenges, and I don't see why 2009 should be any different."

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Aug 14, 2008

Old Timer Speaks

An Old Timer Speaks
By David Muhlestein,

I recently wondered where the old timers have gone. Some responded. With permission, here is what Bruce 'Charon' Johnston wrote:

I started the game back in the late 80's just after high school. The game was in its infancy back then, and 12 gram, CO2, Splatmasters was the marker of choice. As I recall paintballs were outrageously priced compared to today, somewhere in the area of $.20 - $.25 per ball. Since paintball was a fringe extreme sport at the time, very few people played the game. We were lucky if we had 10 guys out on any given day.

I played every weekend for two or three years, then university tuition ate into my available funds, working to pay for school consumed most of my free time when not studying. On top of everything else the game started to get boring. The same 5-10 guys, playing the same field started to get monotonous, so I backed away from the game.

Over the next number of years I played occasionally. Work functions, bachelor parties and birthdays, the types of events that are usually peoples first exposure to the game. I went, played, and enjoyed myself and that was that. I had no intention of seriously getting back into the game.

By the mid to late 90's everyone in my circle of friends was married, and getting older to the point that they didn't want to celebrate birthdays, so I stopped playing all together.

My brother-in-law invited my 12 year old step son and I to play paintball for his birthday in early spring of 2005. I had my fill but my son wanted to go. We played, had a great time, and I got that old familiar feeling while playing that I experienced 20 years before. The fields now are much more elaborate, the equipment is infinitely better, paint is cheap, cheap, cheap now but the core of the game has remained the same. I became curious again.

We went to walk on days and played with rental gear five or six times to make sure he wanted to play. Each trip to the field made him want to play even more. That was it, I was back in the game.

I originally started playing again for my son and to get a little bit of exercise for this 40 year old body. I wanted to spend time with my son, for a little guy time, relax at the field, and be one of the boys again. Since my return in 2005 the game has consumed both my son and I. Because I am the "old guy" from the dark ages of the game, a number of the younger players seem to gravitate toward me.

Forming a team seemed to be the next logical step. In 2005 I created the Tippinators which has become one of the most successful in Eastern Canada. With my team, I now play competitive woodsball, speedball and we are playing in the AXBL league in 2008. I'm the crazy old man, crashing bunkers, with and against, 20 year olds.

The sport today is what I envisioned the game could become 20 years ago. The variety of fields, the variety of games, the access to quality equipment, the inexpensive paint, the organization of competitive leagues (both woodsball and speedball), professional leagues, television coverage, have made the sport of paintball into something those of us who remember the early, prehistoric days, very exciting.

Kids starting the sport today have no appreciation for what they have. I have seen kids walking onto the speedball field for the first time in their lives, with their $1200 EGOs, Dye gear from head to toe, trying to look Agg, complaining about having to pay $60 a case for paint, ready to throw a tantrum if things don't go their way.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been there at the start of the sport. I remember the $.50 paintball. I remember trying to change a 12 gram in the middle of the field, hoping not to drop any paint because it was so precious. I remember markers so inaccurate that they couldn't hit a door from 15 feet away. I appreciate what I have now and what the sport has become. I love paintball, I always have. As long as I am able, I will be crashing bunkers in the woods and sliding into the snake on the speedball field.

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Aug 9, 2008

Success at AWL Event #2

Tippinators Continue AWL Success at Event #2

Once more into the breech, as the best woodsball teams in Eastern Canada again clashed at the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) event 2 on August 9th.

The Tippinators showed up in strength, determined to continue the defense of their 2007 title, against five other teams, ready and eager to dislodge the champs and create their own piece of woodsball history.

This second installment of the league was played at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia. Event 2 saw the fierce woodsball action from event #1 continue unabated. Old rivalries were renewed and first time clashes were the order of the day in Atlantic Canada's premier competitive woodsball league.

See more Event photos

Event 2 had the same format as event 1. Multiple capture points and games of 30 minutes in duration. As in event 1 the schedule allows for teams to play each other twice per day, swapping start points between games. Swapping start points eliminates the chance factor created by an uneven field set up.

The Tippinators were scheduled to play four games against two tough teams. The first games were against the AWL 2007 third place finishers Milsim Maniacs. The afternoon schedule had the Tipps set to go up against a young, hungry and talented new team to the league, Vindication.

The Milsim Maniacs, who have improved greatly since the beginning of the year, showed great grit and determination from the opening. The Maniacs charged headlong into the Tippinators line in and attempt to throw the Tipps off of their game plan. The Tippinators dug in and slowly pushed back the tide of Milsim players in both games. The Tippinators were fortunate to pull out victories in a pair of matches, closely fought to the end.

Improving their record to 8-0 means the Tippinators need only win one of their remaining two matches against the Overkill Commandos to retain the title at the AWL season finale.

With only one event remaining in the season the AWL is proving that the differences between woodsball and speedball are no as great as some players believe. The AWL is proving that competive paintball, is competitive paintball, regardless of the venue.

Kevin 'Big Can' Curry, 2008 champion in the APBL and AXBL xball leagues with team Shock, summed up the nature of playing competitive woodsball with the Tippinators. "To me there is no difference between woodsball and speedball. On either field I have a job to do and teammates to take care of." Curry continued, "I feel at home no matter what field I'm on, whether it be sliding in to the snake on the xball field or crawling through the bush towards the opposing teams flag station in the AWL"
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Jul 19, 2008

Tippinators Start AWL 4-0

From a scenario game, to league xball and back to woodsball again. Such is the life of the hybrid paintballers. After a successful weekend of xball, the Tippinators moved back to their roots to play the first event in the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL).

The AWL, based on Special Ops Paintball's Scenario Paintball Players League (SPPL), expanded to six teams in 2008. July 19th, 2008, marked the kick off of the sophomore season of the AWL, at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia.

Event 1 was set up as a multiple capture point game of 30 minutes in duration. Three flag stations set as capture points across the field. The goal is simple, reach the flag station, raise your flag, and keep the other side from changing the flag. The winning team had the longest total duration of raised flags.

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The schedule allows for teams to play each other twice per day, swapping start points between games. Swapping start points eliminates the chance factor created by an uneven field set up.

The first match of the season pitted the 2007 champion Tippinators against the Mersey Road Mercenaries, runners up in 2007. The top teams from last year had a chance to renew their rivalry and set the tone for the entire season.

The Tipps and Mercs scheduled to play each other twice in the morning. Team Iron Legion was scheduled to be the Tippinators opponent in the afternoon.

The team's morning games ended with the Tippinators coming out on top of the Mersey Road Mercenaries in both of the tightly fought matches.

Trevor 'Awkes' Colwell of the Tippinators was happy to get wins in the first matches. Colwell said "It's great to see all the skills we've been training on for speedball carry over to make us a more competitive team on the woodsball field." Colwell continued, "That training was a big factor in the performance that has kept the team successful in this new AWL season."

The successful expansion of the AWL coupled with the skill and athleticism displayed by all teams throughout the day shows woodsball has come of age in Atlantic Canada. No longer is competition paintball solely the domain of tourney players. The competitive spirit is alive and well in the woods.

The Tippinators ended the day with a perfect 4-0 record. The team looks forward to event two scheduled for August 9th at Overkill Sportz, and continuing the defense of their title.

Richard 'Krush' Robinson knows his teammates are prepared for the remainder of the AWL season "This year we pushed ourselves harder than ever and its paying off in the woods big time." Robinson said, "Our strength on the field has made the team's momentum stronger heading to the next AWL event at Overkill."
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Jul 13, 2008

Tippinators Victory in AXBL

Without a chance to catch their breath, or to savor the success of the Invasion game, the Tippinators were thrown right back into the heat of AXBL action a week after the scenario event.

The second event in the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League played July 13, 2008 at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia. With a full day of games scheduled between 8:00am to 5:00pm, the 90 degree temperatures would make the event a test of endurance for some teams.

The Tippinators played their first game of the day against Moncton Heavy Metal, at 9:30am, before the oppressive heat started. The Tipp's managed to heat up the field right from the start of the game by taking their corners and having all 98s and A5s rolling flawlessly with the DraXxuS paint.

After trading a few points with Moncton in the first five minutes of the game the Tippinators started to find their rhythm. Aggressive fire and movement coupled with key run throughs, and smart snake play from Justin 'KossaK' Landry and Chris 'Mully' Mullins pushed the Heavy Metal squad on to their heels for the remainder of the game.

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In keeping with the team cheer, once the 'pain train' started rolling it didn't stop. The team kept pushing Moncton right through to the end of the game.

At the final horn the Tippinators had recorded their first victory in AXBL play, by a convincing 14-5.

The team had a one game wait before heading out against the 2007 AXBL Champion Halifax Hitmen, in what would prove to be the team's biggest challenge of the season.

The Hitmen watched the Tippinators first game of the day and had prepared a solid game plan which they executed to perfection. The entire first half of the game was dominated by Halifax. The Hitmen countered every attempt made by the Tipp's to break the game open, as they took the lead, locked down the field and began to run the clock. The game looked like it was to become a complete route as the Tippinators tried, unsuccessfully, again and again to break the Halifax stranglehold.

The Tippinators finally adjusted their play and began to have success with eight minutes remaining in the second half. When the team discovered the chink in the Halifax armor, they started to score unanswered points.

In the end the lead generated by the Hitmen was too great. The heroics of individual Tippinators was not enough as time ran down. The final score was disappointing 11-4 in favor of Halifax.

At the end of the second day of play the Tippinators record became a respectable 1-2-1, with a +/- -2. With one event, and two games, remaining in the AXBL season, a first place finish is now out of reach for the Tippinators. However, with a strong game against Waterloo and close match versus the powerful Shock team the Tipp's still have a chance to finish the season on the podium.
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Jul 6, 2008

Tipps Produce Scenario Game

Tippinators Produce Scenario Game

The battle between good and evil, played out by children around the world with action figures for more than 40 years, came to life on July 6th at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The clash between G.I. JOE, the elite team using innovative technology and powerful gear in their battle to stop the evil COBRA organization from taking over the world, was the theme of the 4th installment of the Invasion Mersey Road scenario game.

The game, as in previous years, was produced, and staffed, by the Tippinators Paintball Team. Since it's inception, Tippinators player Austin 'Juno' Flaherty has been the driving force behind the Invasion series.

"Organizing any paintball event is always a stressful." Flaherty said. "We try to keep the Invasion games as simple as possible for the players. Simplicity allows the players to concentrate on playing paintball and having fun."

The game was constant respawn with multiple King of the Hill capture points around the field. Points awarded to the team for holding a capture point at designated intervals throughout the day.

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To keep the tempo upbeat and players moving around the field, finding any of twelve props dispersed around the field earned the team additional points. Any player finding a prop needed only to return to their respawn to claim the points. Some of the fiercest battles of the day occurred while both teams attempted to simultaneously retrieve a prop positioned in the middle of clearings.

The evil COBRA team anchored by Team Vindication and the Mersey Road Mercenaries lead multiple charges into the G.I. JOE front lines without any sense of self preservation. While the Milsim Maniacs valiantly rallied the G.I. JOE squad in an attempt stem the tide of evil sweeping the field.

COBRA used the immediate respawn to their advantage. Eliminated players ran to the respawn then back into the fight, providing an endless supply of reinforcements.

G.I. JOE fought valiantly but could not withstand the unrelenting pressure of the COBRA attacks. Foot by foot COBRA pushed across the field. When the final horn sounded the evil doers had amassed 300 points compared to the G.I. JOE 150 point total.

Based on the success of the 2008 edition, scenario players from throughout Eastern Canada await the next Invasion game. Players are eager to play and the next original scenario production by Flaherty and the Tippinators.
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Jun 22, 2008

First AXBL Event

Tippinators Compete in First AXBL Event

The Tippinators Paintball Team have taken their game to the next level. The team competed in rookie division three man speedball events at the start of the 2007 season moved to division III xball. Sunday June 22nd, 2008 the Tippinators competed in the first event of the 2008 AXBL season held at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia.

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The AXL would put the teams dry land training through the winter and months of practice to the test against the best paintball teams in Eastern Canada.

Photos from AXBL Event 1The team's first match of the day was against the heavily favored South Shore Hometown Heroes. Golden Triangle 5-man champion Team Apocalypse makes up the core of the Heroes squad, augmented by a group of talented and hard working young players.

Spectators gave the Tippinators little chance of success considering the vast difference in experience between the teams. The enthusiastic crowd provided valuable help for the underdog Tippinators who drew strength from the vocal support.

The Tippinators surprised everyone in attendance by ending the first half of the match tied with the Heroes. The Tipp's came out of the blocks strong, holding a slim lead through most of the second half.

With time running down, victory in the team's first non 3-man event was within grasp.

The Heroes sensing defeat was near mounted a strong dorito side push in the final minutes. Tippinators, Dan Lapham and Richard Robinson, held the line into the final ten seconds until overwhelmed. A mad dash and flag hang with 1.62 seconds remaining on the clock brought the Heroes even with the Tippinators for a final score of 9-9.

The Northport Warriors provided the second test of the day for the Tippinators. The evenly matched teams gave their all with multiple lead changes. As in the first match, the first half of play ended in a tied score.

Northport upped the tempo of play in the second half scoring three unanswered points. The Tippinators adjusted to this new level of play and began to claw their way back into the game. A final push by the Tippinators fell short as the Northport squad pulled through with a 9-5 victory.

A spectator was overheard asking, "Why are those guys using Tippmanns?" Dario Brooks, from the 2007 AXBL champion Halifax Hitmen, watched both Tippinators games replied, "Because they are the Tippinators. They may as well be using Timmys though. Those Tippmanns rip."

The Tippinators, buoyed by their first event success, look forward to meeting the Hitmen in July and finishing remainder of the season with numerous tallies in the win column.
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Jun 9, 2008

Are you WAGG?

The term AGG has been around tournament paintball circles for years. The term, originally used to describe the Hostile Kids from Southern California, first cropped up around Y2K. Over the years the word AGG has evolved to become an expression of being cool or an elite player in an unexplainable way. AGG isn’t cool. AGG isn’t elite. AGG is AGG. From the way a player stands to the type and method of wearing his headgear, everything is taken into consideration when deciding if a player is truly AGG.

Dan Lapham of the Tippinators, a former All Star player in the CXBL, has noticed that woodsballers have their own unspoken set of standards for what makes a woodsball player unexplainably cool or unexplainably elite. Lapham has since coined the phrase WAGG, or WoodsAGG.

Unlike the tourney players whose AGGness is, for the most part, based on appearance. WAGG players must look good but also be functional in the woods. Here are some examples Lapham has come up with:

An authentic appearance:
Ghillie with matching mask and gloves:
New technology with a subdued traditional woodsball feel:
Decked out for woodsball with a different/exotic piece of equipment:

No yellow bandanas, pink hopper covers, nor jerseys three sizes to large here. These WAGG players are just woodsballers putting bits of their personality into their equipment, and appearance, in order to get the most out of the game they love.

The beauty of woodsball is that you don't need to dress a 'certain way' or have 'certain marker' to fit in, or stand out. The only thing limiting your WAGG, is your imagination.

Are you or one of your friends WAGG? Log on to the Special Ops Paintball Forum and show the world.
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May 5, 2008

What Makes Paintball?

What REALLY Makes Paintball Special?

I am an older player who has been around the game for a long time; I have the advantage of looking at the sport of paintball a little different than other people.

I have played organized sports at a competitive level my entire life: hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf and basketball. I can say that paintball players are a special breed of athlete. Perhaps that is the wrong word; paintballers are a special breed of people.

Paintball players are predominantly young men who play the game jacked up on adolescent hormones, adrenaline and energy drinks. The primary equipment needed to play the game can cause serious injury if used incorrectly and the participants play the game unsupervised, for the most part.

At the field and in online forums you can find people talking smack. Putting down other players because of the style of paintball they play or the equipment they use. When you put all of these ingredients together they look like a recipe for a brawl at best or full-out riot at worst. Yet paintball is the safest extreme sport in the world and one of the safest sports, period.

I have given a considerable amount of thought to the reason why. To the public, paintball appears dangerous and violent, but it is in fact, a true gentlemen’s sport.

The reason the game is as safe and popular as it is, is YOU--the player! Despite how it looks to outsiders, and what happens away from the field, the sport of paintball is special because of you. Each and every paintball player, in some way, contributes to the greatness of the game as a whole.

At the rec-ball field, there are neither soccer moms nor football dads screaming at their kids to play better and win at all costs. There is no external pressure on any players, so everyone can be themselves, which brings out the best in everyone.

The next time you are at the baseball diamond or soccer field take a look around. What do you see? Kids being pressured to live up to the expectations of their parents, stats and record sheets showing how this group of kids is better than that group of kids, league officials and coaches bickering over rules. In short, there is organized chaos and a distinct lack of love for the game.

Take a look around the next time you are at the paintball field. What do you see? Paintballers, that’s it -- just paintballers. A bunch of people who just want to go out and have fun playing the game they love.

Players at every field are pretty much the same. I have walked up to Team Delta at EMR, Thor Omega at Skirmish USA, logged on to a discussion forum in Ireland and have been treated with the same respect as when I am talking to the group of new players at my local field.

'Ballers are 'ballers no matter where you go. Every one of you should be proud of what you have created, a worldwide brotherhood of paintballers. A sport that is special because of the character of the participants, not because of wins and losses.

Apr 13, 2008

Warriors in the Woods VII

Warriors in the Woods VII: Operation Iceberg

Atlantic Canada's premier paintball event, Warriors in the Woods VII: Operation was played on April 13th at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia. 425 players from across Atlantic Canada, some as far away as Quebec, played the latest installment of the Banshee Paintball's hugely successful scenario game series.

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The Warriors in the Woods (WiW) series is set in World War II, European Theater. Each game is a continuation of the previous with the specifics of the scenario based on the outcome of the previous game. Every game is also designed as a stand alone event, players new to WiW can enjoy a meticulously prepared scenario game without having played any previous events. Veterans of the WiW can see the progression of the story line from year to year adding an extra dimension to the game not normally found in scenario paintball. Eric Fisher of Banshee Paintball has created unique experience with each game acting as a chapter in a much bigger story.

Austin "Juno" Flaherty of the Tippinators sees the WiW series as a true paintball event, "A terrific experience for players of any kind; Warriors proved itself as a Maritime benchmark for scenario games." Flaherty continued, "At the end of the day, recballers, veteran scenario players, and tournament players alike all shared war stories and laughs as they packed up their equipment"

The Tippinators, along with the Milsim Maniacs, helped anchor the Axis squad in an attempt to halt the Allied juggernaut that had won the previous three WiW games. The total domination of the Axis by the Allied squad in WiW VI: Operation Cobra coupled with the narrow Allied victories in WiW V: Operation Rhino and WiW IV: Operation Market Garden left the Axis team hungry for a victory.

Flaherty was impressed with the play of the entire Axis squad, "The Axis team rallied together, bringing the fight onto the Allied doorstep repeatedly throughout the day." Playing through billowing clouds created by smoke canisters and the yelling to be heard over the sounds battle being played over a loud speaker on the field, the Axis team was able to counter initial gains and contain the Allies for the bulk of the day.

Photos from Warriors in the WoodsAfter four hours of pitched battles, the Allied team was being pushed back. A decisive victory looked to be within the grasp of the Axis team. With defeat imminent the Allies attempted a final push to break the Axis strangle hold on the game. A strategically placed artillery strike followed by a surge forward of Allied players to capture the Axis flag station and respawn point in the waning moments of the game was to no avail. This same tactic that had proved effective in Operation Market Garden and Operation Rhino was not enough to alter the outcome of the battle. The flag pull stopped the game but the point total ended in favor of the Axis.

At the end of the day neither team was able to claim undisputed victory. Axis domination countered by the final Allied push left both teams eager to continue the fight to determine a winner. The stage is now set for Warriors in the Woods VIII and players eagerly await what Eric Fisher and Jennifer Washtock of Banshee Paintball will create for the next game in the series .

Despite the inconclusive outcome every player in attendance agreed Warriors in the Woods VII: Operation Iceberg was a huge success.

Photos from Warriors in the Woods Even though he was fighting hard for the Axis win, Flaherty sees the fun factor as paramount, "Playing alongside fellow Tippinators and other enthusiastic players made the difference for me all day."

Flaherty's feelings we echoed by Tippinator teammate Tyler "Dexen" Johnson, "This may have been the best Warriors yet." Johnson continued, "Seeing new players with rentals playing along side, and against, veteran scenario and tournament players and everyone smiling at the end of the day was great to see." Johnson concluded, "It goes to show that it doesn't matter what style of paintball you prefer, shooting paint and having fun with your friends at a professionally run event is the most important part of the sport."
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Mar 21, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday Event Kicks Off 2008 Paintball Season

Tippinators, Milsim Maniacs, Vindication, Team Proboho and 276 players gathered at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia, Canada on March 21, 2008 for the 7th annual Black Friday scenario game. Many consider Black Friday the unofficial start of the Eastern Canadian paintball season, after long winter hibernation. The game draws woodsballers, speedballers, milsim teams, xball teams and rec players back to paintball's origins, in the woods, for a day of camaraderie, sportsmanship and fun before players gravitate back to their preferred style of play.

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Climatologically prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of six additional weeks of winter back in February was right on the money as snow, high winds and sub freezing temperatures greeted the players on the early spring game day. "When we saw the forecast this morning, we thought the day would be a bust." said Howard Langlois, co owner of Mersey Road Paintball, "We were really surprised to see so many players come out considering the weather." The attendance was lower then previous years due to the weather, but the spirit of the players was just as high. One shivering player was overheard joking, "I'm going to drive to Pennsylvania and slap that damn beaver if it doesn't warm up soon."

Tippinators player Justin Landry was pleased with the attitude and high spirits of the players who attended. "It was good to see players from both woods and speedball backgrounds coming together, to celebrate what has become an annual tradition." Landry continued, "Players from across the province stopped by to shoot the breeze, and their friends, at the 2008 season opener despite the weather."

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The game started promptly at 11:30, players were eager to, not only start the season, but to run around to keep warm. Once the opening horn blew players forgot the inclement weather, rushed forward to shoot paint and bang the rust off the skills that have lied dormant all winter. Ferocious firefights and spectacular individual efforts were commonplace all around the field, with players giving it their all throughout the day.Photos from Black Friday After four hours of play, the game ended as an unqualified success. Smiling faces with rosy cheeks walked off the field and exciting retelling of the day's events were heard throughout the parking lot as players began packing to leave.

Black Friday 2008 showed that the resiliency and high spirits of hard core paintballers (woodsballers and speedballers alike) can overcome less then ideal weather to make any day at the field a day of fun and excitement.
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Mar 5, 2008


originally published in March 2008 issue of Action Pursuit Games

Atlantic Woodsball League: Eastern Canada Competition

Woodsball - back to the future - continues to expand and influence players and the entire game, internationally. The rugged east coast of Canada - far from Special Ops headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah - is home to the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL), part of paintball's growing woodsball factor.

The AWL was founded by Shaun Langille, captain of the Milsim Maniacs. Loosely based on the highly successful Special Ops Scenario Paintball Players League (SPPL), the league follows the SPPL format.

Action Pursuit Games

Langille's response was straight to the point when asked why go to all the trouble of creating a paintball league from the ground up: "With the closest event a 16-hour drive away, for Atlantic Canadian players to attend an SPPL event can be a challenge. A challenge not only in time but in money, many players simply can't afford to go. The most logical thing to do was set up our own regional league using the SPPL as the benchmark."

The AWL follows the basic SPPL format: three capture points, one hour matches, and points for eliminations. The remainder of rules were simplified for the first season. Langille said, "We wanted to keep the spirit of the SPPL in the AWL, but more importantly wanted to get the league off and running as the first priority. We will add additional dimensions and expand the rules to more closely mirror the SPPL in future seasons."

The inaugural Atlantic Woodsball League season saw three of the best woodsball teams in Atlantic Canada face off in three events, at various fields, ending with the AWL finale. Overkill Sportz, Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, hosted the finale on October 6, 2007.

The Tippinators, from Mersey Road Paintball, East River Nova Scotia, finalized a strong season with a perfect 6-0-0 record. This is not to say the Tippinators walked from the parking lot straight to the podium. Every match of the season proved a battle to the bitter end with the Milsim Maniacs and Mersey Mercenaries. The matches were so close that the league title wasn't decided until the final weekend of play.

Steven Fong of the Tippinators said, "We spent this season training hard, and playing harder. We were up against some fierce competition at every event. Each game was much more intense, and fun, than the previous! 2007 was a great year." The team plans to play AWL in 2008 and expects the league to grow.

Langille believed that a woodsball league was long overdue. He said, "Having the best woodsballers in the region shooting it out in a friendly, competitive, environment has been great for the sport, and something we have needed in Atlantic Canada for some time. Having the championship decided on the last weekend of play shows the quality of the players and the spirit of everyone involved."

Austin 'Juno' Flaherty of the Tippinators said, "Playing in a woodsball league with my friends and teammates reminds me why I got into paintball in the first place." Flaherty continued "The events were fun. It was an easy concept, simple rules, with a lot of action. We all had a blast."

Chris "Fuzzy" Landry of the title-winning Tippinators said, "This inaugural year of the league was a resounding success, well organized, with great players turning out for every event." Landry continued, "I'm happy to have been a part of Atlantic Canadian paintball history and can't wait for the 2008 season."

The AWL goes to prove that the creation and successful running of a highly competitive league can be accomplished - wherever there are dedicated organizers and diehard players, who play for the love of the game.

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Jan 14, 2008

Elite Team

Tippinators Named Elite Team by Special Ops Paintball

Tippinators Paintball Team is proud and flattered to have been, one of only four teams in the world, selected by Special Ops Paintball as an 'Elite Team' and to have the team's sponsorship agreement with SpecOps extended through 2008. The team considers receiving elite status from SpecOps, the undisputed industry leader in woods paintball, a great honor considering the other exceptionally talented teams sponsored by Special Ops for 2008.

Brian Russell, Director of Soft Goods at Special Ops Paintball explained why the team was chosen for Elite status, "The Tippinators represent everything that Special Ops Paintball stands for...competitive hard nosed play but with the utmost sportsmanship and making sure that everyone around them is having fun."

Tippinator, Justin 'Kossak' Landry, was excited the hear the news from Spec Ops, "To be selected for such a role out of all the other teams that have undoubtedly been pursuing the same goal is quite a testament to the ground we've covered in our short time together." Landry continued, "Hopefully we'll be able to do everyone proud, and represent some solid Canadian content in the SpecOps Elite team lineup."

All members of the Tippinators will continue to promote the positive aspects of paintball, and the superior line of woodsball products produced by Special Ops, throughout Eastern Canada and the North Eastern US.

With entry into the AXBL and returning to defend their title as Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) champions on top of the recognition from Spec Ops, Landry sums up the feeling of the team, "The 2008 season is quickly proving to be the best one yet, and we're all completely pumped to play."
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