Mar 21, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday Event Kicks Off 2008 Paintball Season

Tippinators, Milsim Maniacs, Vindication, Team Proboho and 276 players gathered at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia, Canada on March 21, 2008 for the 7th annual Black Friday scenario game. Many consider Black Friday the unofficial start of the Eastern Canadian paintball season, after long winter hibernation. The game draws woodsballers, speedballers, milsim teams, xball teams and rec players back to paintball's origins, in the woods, for a day of camaraderie, sportsmanship and fun before players gravitate back to their preferred style of play.

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Climatologically prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of six additional weeks of winter back in February was right on the money as snow, high winds and sub freezing temperatures greeted the players on the early spring game day. "When we saw the forecast this morning, we thought the day would be a bust." said Howard Langlois, co owner of Mersey Road Paintball, "We were really surprised to see so many players come out considering the weather." The attendance was lower then previous years due to the weather, but the spirit of the players was just as high. One shivering player was overheard joking, "I'm going to drive to Pennsylvania and slap that damn beaver if it doesn't warm up soon."

Tippinators player Justin Landry was pleased with the attitude and high spirits of the players who attended. "It was good to see players from both woods and speedball backgrounds coming together, to celebrate what has become an annual tradition." Landry continued, "Players from across the province stopped by to shoot the breeze, and their friends, at the 2008 season opener despite the weather."

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The game started promptly at 11:30, players were eager to, not only start the season, but to run around to keep warm. Once the opening horn blew players forgot the inclement weather, rushed forward to shoot paint and bang the rust off the skills that have lied dormant all winter. Ferocious firefights and spectacular individual efforts were commonplace all around the field, with players giving it their all throughout the day.Photos from Black Friday After four hours of play, the game ended as an unqualified success. Smiling faces with rosy cheeks walked off the field and exciting retelling of the day's events were heard throughout the parking lot as players began packing to leave.

Black Friday 2008 showed that the resiliency and high spirits of hard core paintballers (woodsballers and speedballers alike) can overcome less then ideal weather to make any day at the field a day of fun and excitement.
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Mar 5, 2008


originally published in March 2008 issue of Action Pursuit Games

Atlantic Woodsball League: Eastern Canada Competition

Woodsball - back to the future - continues to expand and influence players and the entire game, internationally. The rugged east coast of Canada - far from Special Ops headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah - is home to the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL), part of paintball's growing woodsball factor.

The AWL was founded by Shaun Langille, captain of the Milsim Maniacs. Loosely based on the highly successful Special Ops Scenario Paintball Players League (SPPL), the league follows the SPPL format.

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Langille's response was straight to the point when asked why go to all the trouble of creating a paintball league from the ground up: "With the closest event a 16-hour drive away, for Atlantic Canadian players to attend an SPPL event can be a challenge. A challenge not only in time but in money, many players simply can't afford to go. The most logical thing to do was set up our own regional league using the SPPL as the benchmark."

The AWL follows the basic SPPL format: three capture points, one hour matches, and points for eliminations. The remainder of rules were simplified for the first season. Langille said, "We wanted to keep the spirit of the SPPL in the AWL, but more importantly wanted to get the league off and running as the first priority. We will add additional dimensions and expand the rules to more closely mirror the SPPL in future seasons."

The inaugural Atlantic Woodsball League season saw three of the best woodsball teams in Atlantic Canada face off in three events, at various fields, ending with the AWL finale. Overkill Sportz, Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, hosted the finale on October 6, 2007.

The Tippinators, from Mersey Road Paintball, East River Nova Scotia, finalized a strong season with a perfect 6-0-0 record. This is not to say the Tippinators walked from the parking lot straight to the podium. Every match of the season proved a battle to the bitter end with the Milsim Maniacs and Mersey Mercenaries. The matches were so close that the league title wasn't decided until the final weekend of play.

Steven Fong of the Tippinators said, "We spent this season training hard, and playing harder. We were up against some fierce competition at every event. Each game was much more intense, and fun, than the previous! 2007 was a great year." The team plans to play AWL in 2008 and expects the league to grow.

Langille believed that a woodsball league was long overdue. He said, "Having the best woodsballers in the region shooting it out in a friendly, competitive, environment has been great for the sport, and something we have needed in Atlantic Canada for some time. Having the championship decided on the last weekend of play shows the quality of the players and the spirit of everyone involved."

Austin 'Juno' Flaherty of the Tippinators said, "Playing in a woodsball league with my friends and teammates reminds me why I got into paintball in the first place." Flaherty continued "The events were fun. It was an easy concept, simple rules, with a lot of action. We all had a blast."

Chris "Fuzzy" Landry of the title-winning Tippinators said, "This inaugural year of the league was a resounding success, well organized, with great players turning out for every event." Landry continued, "I'm happy to have been a part of Atlantic Canadian paintball history and can't wait for the 2008 season."

The AWL goes to prove that the creation and successful running of a highly competitive league can be accomplished - wherever there are dedicated organizers and diehard players, who play for the love of the game.

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