Jun 22, 2008

First AXBL Event

Tippinators Compete in First AXBL Event

The Tippinators Paintball Team have taken their game to the next level. The team competed in rookie division three man speedball events at the start of the 2007 season moved to division III xball. Sunday June 22nd, 2008 the Tippinators competed in the first event of the 2008 AXBL season held at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia.

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The AXL would put the teams dry land training through the winter and months of practice to the test against the best paintball teams in Eastern Canada.

Photos from AXBL Event 1The team's first match of the day was against the heavily favored South Shore Hometown Heroes. Golden Triangle 5-man champion Team Apocalypse makes up the core of the Heroes squad, augmented by a group of talented and hard working young players.

Spectators gave the Tippinators little chance of success considering the vast difference in experience between the teams. The enthusiastic crowd provided valuable help for the underdog Tippinators who drew strength from the vocal support.

The Tippinators surprised everyone in attendance by ending the first half of the match tied with the Heroes. The Tipp's came out of the blocks strong, holding a slim lead through most of the second half.

With time running down, victory in the team's first non 3-man event was within grasp.

The Heroes sensing defeat was near mounted a strong dorito side push in the final minutes. Tippinators, Dan Lapham and Richard Robinson, held the line into the final ten seconds until overwhelmed. A mad dash and flag hang with 1.62 seconds remaining on the clock brought the Heroes even with the Tippinators for a final score of 9-9.

The Northport Warriors provided the second test of the day for the Tippinators. The evenly matched teams gave their all with multiple lead changes. As in the first match, the first half of play ended in a tied score.

Northport upped the tempo of play in the second half scoring three unanswered points. The Tippinators adjusted to this new level of play and began to claw their way back into the game. A final push by the Tippinators fell short as the Northport squad pulled through with a 9-5 victory.

A spectator was overheard asking, "Why are those guys using Tippmanns?" Dario Brooks, from the 2007 AXBL champion Halifax Hitmen, watched both Tippinators games replied, "Because they are the Tippinators. They may as well be using Timmys though. Those Tippmanns rip."

The Tippinators, buoyed by their first event success, look forward to meeting the Hitmen in July and finishing remainder of the season with numerous tallies in the win column.
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Jun 9, 2008

Are you WAGG?

The term AGG has been around tournament paintball circles for years. The term, originally used to describe the Hostile Kids from Southern California, first cropped up around Y2K. Over the years the word AGG has evolved to become an expression of being cool or an elite player in an unexplainable way. AGG isn’t cool. AGG isn’t elite. AGG is AGG. From the way a player stands to the type and method of wearing his headgear, everything is taken into consideration when deciding if a player is truly AGG.

Dan Lapham of the Tippinators, a former All Star player in the CXBL, has noticed that woodsballers have their own unspoken set of standards for what makes a woodsball player unexplainably cool or unexplainably elite. Lapham has since coined the phrase WAGG, or WoodsAGG.

Unlike the tourney players whose AGGness is, for the most part, based on appearance. WAGG players must look good but also be functional in the woods. Here are some examples Lapham has come up with:

An authentic appearance:
Ghillie with matching mask and gloves:
New technology with a subdued traditional woodsball feel:
Decked out for woodsball with a different/exotic piece of equipment:

No yellow bandanas, pink hopper covers, nor jerseys three sizes to large here. These WAGG players are just woodsballers putting bits of their personality into their equipment, and appearance, in order to get the most out of the game they love.

The beauty of woodsball is that you don't need to dress a 'certain way' or have 'certain marker' to fit in, or stand out. The only thing limiting your WAGG, is your imagination.

Are you or one of your friends WAGG? Log on to the Special Ops Paintball Forum and show the world.
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