Nov 19, 2009

An All Tippmann Paintball Team

An All Tippmann Paintball Team - The Tippinators

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The Tippinators Paintball Team started with just a simple conversation shared between Scott Knowles and Bruce Johnston in the early days of July 2005.

The two were playing woodsball in Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia. They overheard a talk from a few speedballers about a rookie tournament that is about to come up by the end of that same month. The players were laughing at the idea of any speedballer winning such a tournament or even just having the guts to enter such. But this became a serious matter for the two men. Hence, they decided to enter the tournament and face the great challenge.

Since that day of July 2005, the Tippinators Paintball team grew to a total of 18 members and has played throughout the entirety of the North Eastern part of US and the Eastern section of Canada. The ripples of success that they have created lapped into a sea of sponsors who were running after being associated with the team’s determination and success. The Tippinators Paintball Team were famous not just for their elegant sportsmanship but with how they view the paintball sport as something that is worthy of fun and experience.

At present, the Tippinators Paintball Team continues to bring great impact to other paintball teams around the world. Their fun loving hearts simply love the art of paintball and every type and style the sport may offer, whether that would be woodsball, recball, xball or speedball. They are usually seen playing every Sunday at Mersey Road Paintball. After their rookie success in 2008 for xball, they are now renewing their franchise and will be competing in the Xball league of Canda. The team believes that their simple mission of having fun and making new friends is enough to make them always be ahead of their own game and of their rivals.

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Nov 13, 2009

Tippinators Recruiting

With the upcoming 2010 season coming, the Tippinators have decided for the very first time, to open our doors to the community to find new players for the formation of the Tippinators sister team The "HFX Cyclones" xball team.

This is an exciting opportunity for any new players who want to try their hand at xball while being involved with the best known and most professionally run paintball team in Eastern Canada. Only professional teams are as organized as, and have as many sponsors as the Tippinators. NOW is your chance to be part of this 'one of a kind' organization.

Previous speedball experience is not required. All players will receive extensive dry land and speedball training / coaching conducted by P90X grad / team captain Bruce Johnston and CXBL & AXBL All Star Dan Lapham and the rest of the Tippinators AXBL squad.

If you are selected and you complete all the training, come to all practices, by the end of the season, you will become a better paintballer then you every thought you could be. You will be stronger, faster and all around better player.

The Cyclones is a mix of both existing and new talent, will be competing in the new AX4 format, and will be coached and trained by the Tippinators. Unlike the Tippinators, Cyclone players can shoot any marker they want.

The Cyclones will hit the ground running, providing all new members access to the full package of benefits from the Tippinators supporting companies.

We are the Canadian Factory Team for Tippmann Sports, and under our team banner we represent many major companies within the industry, including PBL Action Sports, TechT Paintball, Draxxus, VForce, ProCaps, Hammerhead, APE Electronics, CP, NXe, Flurry Industries and more.

Our home field, is of course Mersey Road Paintball - home of Atlantic Canada's only turfed XBall field and the largest woodsball field east of Montreal.

We are looking for those who are interested in competing alongside experienced AXBL and CXBL players in a format that is on the forefront of the paintball world, as well as in some of the biggest scenario events in Canada and the US.

Recruited players would be expected to practice, fund-raise and adhere to our team's policies and regulations.

Interested? Check out our website and send us an email, we will be in touch.

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Nov 5, 2009

Interview in Shooting Hot

The View from the Turret:
Is 40 Old?
Not if You’re a Paintball Player
By: Dawn Allcot

Full Article Posted to Shooting Hot Magazine November 2009 Issue
Excerpt below

Working Out in Your 40’s .. and Beyond
Bruce Johnston, captain of the Nova Scotia, Canada based Tippinators, is another so-called older player who works hard to play up front. "During dry land training I’m usually leading the team," he says. "As the leader, I have to be in front."

Shooting Hot Magazine - November 2009

He draws inspiration and motivation from the younger players. "The guys are constantly pushing me to be better. They are always encouraging me to dig deeper."

Playing competitive Xball in Canada’s AXBL, Johnston discovered, required a whole new level of physical fitness. He started the exercise program P90X and has had great success with it.

"After only the first two weeks of P90X the guys noticed a huge difference in my strength and cardio conditioning," he tells Shooting Hot Magazine. “Thanks to my off-field conditioning my bumps to the secondary are faster, time in the lane is reduced, and I can play point after point without effort."

That’s not to say it’s easy. "The biggest difference now that I am older is the amount of effort it takes to get results when working out,” Johnston says. “Part of the issue is the time it takes for my body to recover from the pulls and strains of working out. As you get older the body slows down so I need to work twice as hard to get the same results."

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Oct 26, 2009

X7 Phenom Greatly Exceeds Expectations

By: Tippinator Jason Thomson

Tippmann's newest and most innovative product to date, the X7 Phenom, is by far not only an achievement for Tippmann, but for woodsballers everywhere. The design of this gun took the scenario players expectations and blew them out of the water.

It operates on low pressure, doesn't require batteries, has zero kick, an included loader, a hidden gas line, and can accept most of the milsim mods you already own for your X7. The new stock barrel Tippmann has included is as good or better than many aftermarket barrels costing in the $60+ range. All of this for a projected $399USD price-point... It truly is "phenomenal".

The Tippinators were lucky enough to test a few advanced prototypes of this new marker recently at Mersey Road Paintball.Check out our review of this scenario players dream on youtube

At the end of the day our consensus was that the Tippmann X7 Phenom has put a monumental amount of fun back into woodsball. Order one today, you won't regret it!

Oct 22, 2009

Tippmann X7 Phenom

~ X7 Phenom in Action ~X7 Phenom Slow Motion Clips

Tippinators Paintball Team are please and excited to have been part of the test group for the new Tippmann X7 Phenom - electro pneumatic marker.

From Tippmann Sports
Denny Tippmann, Jr. and the team from Tippmann Sports want to invite all Tippmann owners and anyone in paintball to see Tippmann’s first electro pneumatic marker using the .68 caliber paintball platform. This is a new technology that will take woodsball and scenario play to a whole new level, and provide our loyal Tippmann players with the marker they have been asking for.

~ X7 Phenom Field Strip ~X7 Phenom Field Strip

We are officially launching this marker on Wednesday, October 21, at 1 pm Central Time on our Tippmann web site at In addition, this launch will also be on our Facebook page, MySpace and YouTube. Players may also comment on this new marker by visiting us on Twitter or on our Tippmann Forum.

Tippinators gave the new X7 Phenom a rigorous workout and found no flaws in the marker. In fact Tippinator Josh ‘Cornbread’ Boiduk said, “The Phenom may be the best woodsball marker ever produced.”

Tippmann Sports has used the patented Flex Valve Technology, a brand new technology that is not available on any other paintball marker, in their wildly successful X7 shell. The new marker has no kick, feeds flawlessly from the cyclone, has the legendary Tippmann reliability, highly accurate stock barrel, and looks like a woodsball marker.

~ X7 Phenom is Phenomenal ~X7 Phenom is Phenomenal

Every member of the Tippinators sees the X7 Phenom as a huge leap forward in paintball marker technology. After the testing period, where the Tippinators unsuccessfully tried to make the Phenom fail, it was agreed that the Phenom will be the new gold standard in woodsball markers.

The Tippinators are proud to have been asked to participate in Phenom test program, and will add the X7 Phenom to the team’s arsenal of Tippmann markers.

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Press Release

Tippmann Launches Electro-Pneumatic Marker, the X7 Phenom

New Flex Valve Technology provides greater air efficiency, more accuracy and ability to go from electronic to manual operation with the simple flick of a switch


(October 21, 2009)

– Tippmann is very proud to be introducing the X7 Phenom, a next-generation .68 caliber paintball marker that’s truly in a class of its own. The unmatched benefits of this new electro-pneumatic marker include improved air efficiency, superior accuracy, manual or electronic firing and the flexibility to use either CO2 or compressed air. The heart of the Phenom is Tippmann’s patented Flex Valve Technology, a brand new technology that is not available on any other paintball marker. The Flex Valve operates below 300 PSI for improved air efficiency, giving players more than 1,400 shots from a single 68 cubic-inch, 4500 PSI tank. Also, with its Spool Valve Design, recoil is virtually eliminated for significantly-enhanced accuracy. The searless design of the Phenom also incorporates fewer wear parts, making maintenance easier than ever. And, even though the Phenom is three inches shorter than the standard X7, it will still accept more than 20 current X7 mods and upgrades, including the popular Flatline barrel.

"We’re extremely excited about the groundbreaking technology behind the new X7," said Denny Tippmann, Jr., senior VP of research and product development for Tippmann Sports. "Flex Valve Technology truly represents a significant leap forward in marker design that delivers an all-new level of performance for those players who demand nothing but the best."

Other features of the X7 Phenom, include:
New compact and lightweight aluminum body
Streamlined design with internal gasline and no cocking handle
Pushpin construction for easy field stripping
All-metal trigger for enhanced stability
Magnetically activated hall effect electronics

X7 Phenom with Flex Valve Technology
Redesigned Cyclone Feed System paddles that feed up to 20 balls-per-second without batteries
Piccatinny top rail to easily add new sights and handles
Air-thru stock compatibility
Internal regulator with new external-velocity adjustment
9.5" high performance stone-honed barrel
Removable rear and front sights

"In developing this new marker, we initially considered designing a totally new platform, but the opportunity to make the ‘ultimate woodsball marker’ even better was too great to pass up," said Patrick Ehren, vice president of sales and marketing for Tippmann Sports. "Combining the Flex Valve Technology with the existing X7 platform makes it easier for our loyal players to make the transition. Plus, we don’t have to ask our dealers to stock another complete set of mods. Of course, the existing X7 will continue to be available. But, the Phenom now becomes the pinnacle of woodsball markers."

The new X7 Phenom will begin arriving in stores at the end of November or early December. The marker was designed in part based on the feedback and suggestions provided by players. In fact, several respected teams such as Team Tippmann Scotland, the Hellions, the Great Lakes Rangers, the Tippinators, Madball Legionaires and T.S.S.O.C. (Tri-State Special Ops Command) all provided helpful input and will now be playing with the X7 Phenom.

For more details about the X7 Phenom, players are encouraged to visit While online, those interested can watch an informational video, find a nearby dealer, review marker specifications or sign up for the Tippmann Forum. Of course, anyone looking to connect with other paintball players should also consider becoming a fan of Tippmann on Facebook or MySpace.

For more than 20 years, Tippmann Sports has been dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology and design. The company serves the paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne Indiana. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

# # #

Editor’s Note: For high-resolution product photography, please contact Bill Bussler at 262-789-7630, ext: 131
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Oct 4, 2009

Reffing the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League

By: Tippinator Chris Landry

My knee is swollen and stiff, my feet hurt, im all welted up, and i couldnt be happier with how the day went. Of course I'm talking about ATWL Event 3 which myself and the rest of the Tippy's just finished reffing. The play was exciting and some of the most intense Ive seen at Mersey Road Paintball.

Congratulation to the new Champs the Mersey Road Mercenaries, they earned it, there are small differences between how they think and communicate on the field compared to the other teams that allow them to win. But there is a lot of talent out there, so we will see how long the veterans of Mersey Road can keep the younger players at bay.

Mad respect to all my brothers for a great day, when reff's get nothing but positive feedback its something to be proud of.

That was our last scheduled event for the year so I'm gonna celebrate by eating a stick of butter to fatten up for Canadian winter. That's it for now.

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Sep 27, 2009

Halifax City Open 2009

Planning started for 2009 Halifax City Open (HCO), the day after the 2008 finished. Kevin ‘Big Can’ Curry and the entire Tippinators Paintball team put in many long hours to ensure 2009 was going to top the “experience” that was HCO 2008.

The Atlantic Canadian paintball scene has gone through the Xball transition stage. Teams are used to 15 player rosters, 25 minute halves and 5 minute majors. We combined the 5 man format with quasi-xball rules, threw in some coaching and away we went, HCO was born.

With 32 teams registered in four divisions, the attendance topped last year and also included players from Quebec. Team PBL Shock, comprised of former World Champion All-American, Jeff Macdonald, plus Current and past members of Mirabel Impact Philip”Sparky”Guy, Gerry Harris and Bryce Coady, were the team to beat.

The three man division was tough, as it always is. Usually this is the wild card division because it’s an assortment of new/old, ringers and non-ringers…..and this year was no exception.

Three Man Rookie is where it all begins. This is the division where players are introduced to the tournament paintball scene. It is so important that these players are introduced against teams of similar calibre. Play in this division was awesome, they not only gained the experience by playing but also by watching the more experienced players play. These guys are the lifeblood of our sport.

The most important feature to this years event was the pump division. The four man open pump division was tied together with the Maritime Heart Charity foundation. This was the First time a pump tourney was held and there was six teams competing in this division. There were run throughs, bunkering, gog shots, combat rolls, X-jumping and lots of fun. HCO Head Reff, Ken Gardiner was on hand representing Maritime Heart. Gardiner was elated, “Anytime the paintball community has a chance to give back, it should and a charity as close to my heart as this, is a great start, Thank you.”

The finals kicked off at 4:30 and the crowd was rocking. Coors Lite and PBL t-shirts were given away all day and the the trophies were gleaming. The intensity was building, especially in the 5man division as the Strict Union and Shock match was eagerly anticipated. During the day, we were very happy to see the amount of family watching the events. Too see relatives offering their support to players, is just awesome. Tournament players devote no less of their time to this sport then do hockey players and family support goes a long way towards legitimizing what we do.

Once again, this event could not have gone on without the following sponsors:
Mersey Road Paintball (
Atlantic Xtreme Xball League (
Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling (
Coors Lite (
Exalt Paintball (

Thanks to all the reffs: Ken, Gilbert, (Tippinators) Bruce Johnston, Justin Landry, Dan Lapham, Ben Van Horne, Mark Miller and Pat Hamblin. The tower crew (Tippinators) Chris Landry, Jason Thomson and Austin Flaherty, the beer tent crew, (Tippinator) Trevor Colwell, Heather Nairn and Branigan Gilles, the food crew, (Tippinators) Steven Fong, Josh Boiduk and Jim MacNeill, videographer (Tippinator) Richard Robinson, plus a big thanks to (Tippinator) Mark Miller for all of his hard work. Without the Tippinators, this event would not have been possible.

Thanks to everyone, BC Et AL

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Sep 20, 2009

RISKII: Back for More

Tippinators Produce Second Scenario Game in RISK Series

~ Photos from RISKII: Back for More ~ Photos from RISKII
RISK scenario game in the spring was so popular the players said they wanted to come back for more. The players demanded it so the Tippinators supplied it. September 20, 2009 at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia, RISKII: Back For More ran to rave reviews for all in attendance.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first RISK game, little changed for RISK II. Like the Parker Brothers (now a division of Hasbro) game of strategic global domination, Mersey Road Paintball was divided into six territories for which two teams had to compete. Each territory had a point value based on size and accessibility. To further simulate the board game the playing field had large sections taped off as oceans, creating choke points and forced zones of conflict.

To keep point scoring simple, every ten minute period a team controlled a territory points were awarded. In addition to the ten minute awarding of points, timed ten minute respawns replicated the end of game turns.

The frequent respawns was appreciated by the players. Colin Anthony of Dartmouth appreciated being able to quickly get back in the game. "If I got hit, I would have time to get to the respawn wipe off then it seemed like I was right back out." Anthony continued,"The quick respawns really kept things moving."

Like the board game large sections of the field were blocked, forcing players into specific axis of advance. With limited areas to approach each territorial capital, the fighting became intense at times as players pushed to capture the territory and score points for their team.

Unlike the board game, players on the field are unable to see the big picture, Landry’s solution to the problem was simple. "We allowed the refs, who were in contact with each other, to act as source of intel to the players." Landry said. "Players were given a broad overview of how much territory they held and suggested whether to send players to the north or south side of the field." Players coming from the respawn could decide to sure up lines of defense or exploit weaknesses of the other team.

After a day long struggle for domination of the earth, the blue team squeaked out a narrow 485 to 450 victory over the red team. With neither team holding a clear advantage throughout the day, players waited in the staging area until the final tabulation and announcement was made.

Smiling faces and excited retellings of on field exploits shows the real measure of a successful paintball game - happy players.

The continued success of the RISK series shows that if you give the players a game they enjoy, they will come back for more. What's next for RISK? How about RISK III: Even Riskier? We will have to wait until spring 2010 to find out.

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Scenario Organizer's Thoughts

By: Tippinator Chris Landry - Risk Scenario Organizer

You know I’m every other event organizer walks into an event terrified its going to be a failure.
Are people going to show?
Will everything run smooth?
Did I bring everything?

All these questions circle in your mind until the end of the day when everyone is smiling and patting each other on the back.

Risk was no different for me this year, as an event with no pre-registration its always a danger that players are going to wake up look at the clock and say, “I shouldn’t have had that last shot of tequila” and go back to sleep instead of coming to play. But as always in the end all was well. A great turnout of about 100 players made for a great day.
Our new style of reffing where the reffs are actually there to help you, give you intel and try and tell you when its safe to move kept the game very dynamic with the lines of scrimmage moving back and forth all day long. I always thought players were going to complain about reffs getting involved, but I was happy to hear they loved it.

See you all at Risk 3 : Even Riskier?, Risky Business?, Risque?

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Sep 18, 2009

Tips for Kids

by: Justin Landry

Be who you are, and be shameless about it. Don't subscribe to the same attitudes or opinions of everyone else just for the sake of fitting in, either on a personal level, or as a team. Once you find a good crew, you'll know. Stick with them.

You are the sum of your life's experiences. This means that to become more, you must do more, experience more, push more. Sometimes it will be excruciating. Sometimes the physical, mental and emotional crap you'll have to endure will seem endless, and range from the mundane to the impossible. It DOES pay off, you just have to look at the big picture. even comparing yourself now to the player you were when you first played, i'm sure you can spot the evolution.

Ollie Lang wasn't born great. He wasnt imbued with magical powers. He fell in love with the sport and worked his ass off. A good work ethic applies to all things, not just paintball. YOU are your own biggest obstacle to overcome.

"He who conquers himself, is the mightiest warrior"

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Sep 17, 2009

How to Get Sponsored

Since "sponsorship hunting" can be as competitive as a Tournament final, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to devise your "pre-game" strategy. What makes your team different or special? If you were a business owner, what would you want and expect from a team you are sponsoring? Find (or establish) some unique traits about your group. If your team doesn't stand out from the crowd, how will you attract and maintain sponsors? Ultimately, how can your team benefit a potential sponsor?

Remember the potential sponsor only cares about one thing, selling more products. Sponsors need to be convinced that investing in your team makes good business sense. If you are sponsored you are acting as a representative for that company. Ideally, the company's name will be "marketed" to a segment of potential customers in a positive manner, which will result in more exposure and sales. Welcome to the cold, harsh, economically-driven "real" world. It's all about the bottom line.

What about winning? If a team wins every tournament or comes out on top in every scenario game isn't that team guaranteed sponsorship? Winning is not as important as you think. Jim Langlois owner of Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia says, "Yes winning is important but it is not the only thing that determines whether or not I sponsor a team. I am more likely to sponsor a great group of guys who don't win but will represent my field and the sport with dignity and class then I am to sponsor a winning team that yells at the refs, swears at competitors, throws their markers and acts like a bunch of spoiled brats."

Erich Garbers, Promotions Manager at Tippmann Sports and the founder of the Tippmann Effect echo these ideals, "Tippmann Sports looks for teams that will represent the company and our products in a positive way. We want teams that are making or attempting to make positive press for themselves and our sport. To be considered for sponsorship the team must use our products and have a marketing mentality to be able to effectively market our brand. Teams that are successful in receiving sponsorship will have a special blend marketing and playing abilities plus be true ambassadors of the sport. Once we find these teams they will get the full support of the entire Tippmann organization."

To have any chance at being sponsored you must prepare and submit a detailed team resume! It's essential for you to have an information package for potential sponsors that is concise and clearly identifies the unique benefits you offer the company. The package should contain "hard copy" documents and pictures that you can physically hand to field owners and company reps:

1. Team name, logo, home location, website, and contact information (including phone & email)
2. General team history
3. Names, ages and experience of team members
4. Color photographs of each team member
5. Practice schedule and home playing location
6. Tournament / public events schedule
7. Current equipment list of each team member
8. Team achievements / awards / press clippings, etc.
9. List of current sponsors
10. Team goals
11. How your team plans to represent the potential sponsor

The presentation of the resume is as important as the content. Sean Scott from Smart Parts immediately discards many sponsorship requests as soon as they arrive, "If a resume does not look professional... it gets the ole' delete button. If a team does not spend the time to bring me a nice presentation, I am not going to look at it. Pretty simple."

When you have everything prepared your home field owner is the most natural sponsorship candidate, and best audience for your first presentation. Hopefully you'll dazzle him with your brilliance and he'll sign on the dotted line. Then, start pursuing other business owners by presenting the package to anyone who can contribute to your team, no matter how small the contribution. Remember the larger the company you ask for sponsorship the more professional your presentation will need to be in order to be effective and avoid the "ole' delete button".

There is a general misconception that sponsorship means a "free ride". Erich Garbers at Tippmann Sports long time industry insider sets the record straight, "Most people believe that a sponsorship means you will receive everything for free. Nothing could be further from the truth. Full rides in the paintball industry are very rare. Even pro teams must pay for many things out of their own pockets. For example some pro teams have a paint allowance where they are allotted only so many cases per tournament and any extra paint they use they have to buy themselves." Don't set your sights to high or expect to much when starting out.

Even if your presentation is prefect, submitting to a company at the wrong time of the year can also ruin your chances of success. In the case of Smart Parts "Most sponsorships are given out at the beginning of the year. So asking for one half way through the year is going to be difficult at best. Major companies have budgets for sponsorship and they are usually used up by February." If you find that your presentation is ready to go mid way through the season hold onto it until winter. Not only will submitting early the next year increase your chances of success but it also gives you more time to add impressive information to the presentation.

Be prepared to be turned down over and over again. The reason that most people are unsuccessful in signing sponsors is because they are focused only on what the sponsor can do for them. Wrong! If you want sponsors, ask not what the sponsor can do for you; ask what you can do for your sponsor.

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Tipps Ref ATWL Event 2

~ Photos from ATWL Event 2 ~Photos from ATWL Event 2

Shaun Langille, owner of the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL), asked Two time Atlantic Woodsball League Champion, Tippinators to officiate event two of the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) season "In the past we had the teams not playing act as refs." Langille said, "to prevent any conflict of interest and to maintain a professional standard I asked the Tippinators to ref for the remainder of the season."

The Tippinators decided not to defend their woodsball championship title this year, opting instead to concentrate on scenario paintball and big games rather than competitive woodsball.

Tippinator Captain Bruce Johnston is pleased with how things worked out. "We decided to spend more time playing with new woodsballers and promoting the sport at a grass roots level and pass on the ATWL in 2009," said Johnston. "Because of that decision the team was available to give Shaun [Langille league owner] a hand and continue our involvement with the ATWL. It’s win / win."

The Tippinators were on hand in force at Mersey Road Paintball on September 12 to enforce the ATWL rules, and make sure all players had a day of fun, competitive, and safe paintball.

Austin Flaherty was impressed with the conduct players at event two, "The ATWL teams made it easy to referee, all the players were calm and collected, played a fair game." Flaherty continued, "Watching the games go on really made me want to play. It was great competition out there all day long."

The players were happy to have an unbiased reffing staff on hand for the day. Both the players and league management agree the officiating was top notch and have invited the Tippinators back to ref event three.

"It's great to be involved with the league and I am looking forward to watching, and reffing, more great woodsball action at ATWL event three." Johnston concluded

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Sep 8, 2009

2009 Spikes Big Game

~ Photos from Spikes Big Game ~Photos from Spikes Big Game

The fall paintball season kicked off in Atlantic Canada with the 2009 edition of the Spikes Paintball Big Game. Traditionally held on the Labour Day weekend, the Spikes Game draws players from throughout Atlantic Canada. Spikes Field owner Roddy MacDonald once again invited the Tippinators, to the Prince Edward Island game as ‘Special Guests’ for PEI’s premier scenario event.

Due to the overwhelming popularity, and success, of the D-Day game last year, MacDonald continued with the World War II theme. D-Day plus 1 was the theme for the September 6, 2009 game. The game’s popularity was evident not only by the turnout from the hardcore scenario guys, but also the new younger players and their parents, who came to battle beside them.

The Tippinators resumed their role leading the Axis team against the Allied team lead by the home field Spikes Special Operations Group. Unlike previous years, Tippinators showed up to the field ahead of schedule, giving the team time to pose for photos around a prop jeep, mingle and talk to younger players, while preparing to start play.

The Tippinators task this year was to protect the Axis General and Enigma machine while pushing the Allied invaders back into the sea. From the opening whistle Jason Thomson, Richard Robinson and Justin Landry pushed hard up the left side of the field, hoping to pin down the Allied force and open a hole through which other Axis players to push. Allied players advanced faster than anticipated and were able to take up key defensive positions before the Tippinators could get in place.

With their line of advance blocked the Tipp’s decided to change tactics. Scott Knowles, working as a Heavy Gunner, held down the left side while Thomson, Landry and Robinson worked the tape line. Richard Robinson threw himself forward to remove an enemy sniper leaving Thomson and Landry free to move forward, interlock lanes of fire with Knowles, and block the left side of the field and Allied reinforcements.

Dan Lapham and Chris Landry, working as Tippinators shock troops for the day, gave encouragement and direction to the younger players, to push forward and gain ground. After what seemed a long stalemate Axis players had control of the flanks and were able to eliminate any Allied player attempting to push the center of the field, while slowly moving toward the Allied start point.

At the end of the first half of play, neither team was able to secure their main objectives, however, the elimination of the Allied Commander twice gave the Axis team and Tippinators a very slim 100 point lead heading into the second half of play.

Teams switched ends for the second half. With both teams knowing the relative strengths and weaknesses of their former lines, the game bogged down to a stalemate quickly. To break the stalemate, Dan Lapham and Chris Landry living up to their name Shock Troops made the gustiest moves of the day. After shooting out two Allied player at the base of a tower, Lapham made a run, ending in a head first dive to secure the tower and prevent its use by respawning Allied players. Once the tower was secured Landry made a 20 bound past the tower to eliminate a number of players holed up in a forward bunker.

Throughout the second half no team was able to take the initiative and secure decisive victory. Medics quickly brought players back into the fight and respawning players were able to fill holes in the lines as they appeared.

Near the end of the game with paint running low, in an attempt to gain the advantage, a Spikes Special Operations Group player yelled out "Excuse me! I’m awfully low on paint. Can you move about a foot to the right so I can drill you in the face?" Justin Landry was quick to remind the player of his manners "You forgot to say please, try saying please!"

The game drew to a close as the first half of play had, with the Axis holding a slim lead over the Allies. Congratulations passed out around throughout the Axis ranks followed by prize draws, and a concluding message from field owner Roddy MacDonald,

The 2009 Spikes Big Game was another record setting attendance day for a scenario game on PEI. The Tippinators extend gratitude to everyone who welcomed the team to this year’s D-Day, and a special thanks to Roddy for being a terrific host, with a great field and amazing staff.

Move over Anne of Green Gables, there’s now an even better reason to visit Prince Edward Island thanks to Spikes Paintball.

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Sep 4, 2009

Tippmann Challenge

At the 2009 Tippmann Challenge held at Mirabel Paintball the Tippinators were assigned a secret mission, to run supplies to the front lines and reload players during the heat of battle. A video of the team's mission was created thanks to Backline Media, Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL

Tippinators Secret Mission at Tippmann Challenge

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Aug 30, 2009

Tippinators in APG

~ Tippinators in Action Pursuit Games ~ Tippinators in Action Pursuit Games

Tippinator captain Bruce Johnston was interviewed Chris Wingate for the November 2009 issue of Action Pursuit Games. The complete article has been posted to the Tippinators website.

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Aug 15, 2009

Tippmann Challenge 2009

~ Photos from Tippmann Challenge ~Tippinators at Mirabel

The Tippinators Paintball Team made a much anticipated journey to Mirabel Quebec to attend Tippmann Challenge 2009 on August 15th.

Hosted by Paintball Mirabel in Mirabel Quebec and sponsored by Tippmann Sports and PBL Action Sports, the 2009 event drew over 1000 players to the registration tables for Tippmann Challenge.

Upon entering Paintball Mirabel, the team was captivated with the sheer magnitude of the facility. Boasting 33 individual playing fields, and seven million square feet of playing area, Paintball Mirabel is considered to be the largest paintball center in Canada.

On arrival shuttles ferried the team from parking area to the center of the Mirabel facility, along side the tents of the team’s main sponsors, Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL tents.

Team members had the privilege of meeting representatives of Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL, and were invited to stage beside the sponsors tents where Tippmann Sports and PBL marker techs provided repairs and products to those in need for the duration of the event.

Excited to hit the field, the team suited up, climbed aboard another shuttle for transport to the on field start point. After arriving at the "City" field re-spawn area the Tipps were released into the largest scenario game many of the team members have ever participated.

The introduction to the teams first Tippmann Challenge was best summed up by Tippinator Dan Lapham. "This is going to be a hurricane of fun that we're ALL going to get swept up in." - He was right.

The Tippinators's first mission was assigned directly from the team general, who sent the Tipps and a fair portion of troops to the southern area of the field; a huge town, filled with buildings, bordering Mirabel's "D-Day" field.

Droves of players clashed to get through the lines. Over the next two hours the team, along other squads of players were able to rush the hills and push through the German lines.

Following a professionally catered lunch break a whistle blast announced the second half and the first surprise for the Tippinators. The team was invited to carry out a secret three part mission. If accepted, the team would have 30 minutes to carry a large ammo box containing paintballs, courtesy of and Paintball Mirabel, from the staging area to the front line players in the "woods" zone.

In part two the team would re-supply frontline players with hopper top ups and encouragement. Once the resupply depleted, part three would end the mission by returning to the staging area inside of the 30 minute time limit.

Without hesitation the Tippinators accepted the mission. Tippinators Jason Thomson and Mark Miller, equipped with Tippmann TPX pistols, carried the ammo box forward, as teammates cleared the way with aggressive fire and movement.

Once in at the front, Tippinators Richard Robinson, Chris Mullins, and Dan Lapham repeatedly refilled their single pods to re-supply forward positions, while Tippinators Trevor Colwell, Austin Flaherty, Ben Vanhorn, and Chris Landry provided covering fire for the duration, allowing the re-supply team freedom to work, and the mission to succeed.

The Tippinators returned to the staging area with all part complete in under 30 minutes to have the secret mission declared an overwhelming success.

~ Video from Predator Laser Tag ~Tippinators at Mirabel TPX 2v2

Following the mission, the crew from Tippmann Sports, invited the team to try out Tippmann's new Predator Laser Tag system. After an equipment run through by Ron Goldblatt, Tippmann Sports Director of Marketing, the team hit Mirabel's turfed X-Ball field. Austin Flaherty said, "We were out there having fun, just like we always do playing paintball, but without, well, paintballs."

Tippinator Mark Miller commented, "The Predator System is remarkable, easy to use and a lot of fun to play with!" Miller continued, "The Predator system is ideal for younger players interested in the sport, but who would like to try paintball without the paintballs."

~ Video from TPX 2v2 ~Tippinators at Mirabel TPX 2v2

Near the end of the day Tippmann Sports invited the team to open the Tippmann TPX 2v2 Challenge with a Tippinator TPX exhibition match. Four Tipps each armed with a new Tippmann TPX pistol in and 2 magazines were told to let loose and have some fun.

Within a minute the speedball field at Paintball Mirabel fell silent lest the applause of other players and on looking teammates. Tippinators Chris Landry and Richard Robinson put opposing team mates Mark Miller and Dan Lapham in the dead box, opening the official Tippmann Challenge TPX 2v2 contest, and closing one of the Tippinator Paintball Team's most memorable paintball days to date.

The Tippmann Challenge 2009 was a first class event that should be experience by every player at least once.

The Tippinators want to thank Tippmann Sports, thank you PBL, and thank you Paintball Mirabel.

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Jul 27, 2009

SNL 17th Anniversary

~ Photos from SNL ~Tippinators at SNL

The AXBL season is over so it time for the Tippinators to head back to the woods, and their roots. SNL Paintball, in Truro Nova Scotia, held their 17th anniversary game on July 26th, 2009 turned out to be the perfect opportunity for the Tipps to once again roll around in the mud.

Players from across Atlantic Canada joined together to help field owner Vic MacFarlane, along with support from Eric Fisher from Banshee Paintball, celebrate the longest running annual paintball game series in Eastern Canada.

The scenario was a simple, each team, the Canadian Nationalists versus Nova Scotian Separatists, were assigned a base. The objective was to capture other base and replace their flag with your own to declare victory. Timed ten minute respawns allowed reinforcements to flood the field and keep the action going.

The Tippinators, anchoring the Separatists, rushed forward from their base, a hill top castle overlooking the entire field, toward the Nationalist’s base located in the full size town at the base of the hill.

After a pitched battle the Tippinators were able to take a foothold in one end of the town. Mark Miller, armed only with his TPX, lead a push from building to building until Miller pulled the Nationalist flag to end the game just before the lunch break.

During the break field owner MacFarlane held a draw for a number of door prizes, ranging from bags of paint to the grand prize of a Tippmann 98. The Tippinators received a round of applause from the players when the team donated the door prizes they won back to be redrawn or to the youngest players at the game.

~ Photos from SNL ~Tippinators at SNL

The bases switched for the second half of play. The Tippinators and Separatists allies started defending the town, the Nationalists controlling the hill top castle. Aggressive fire and movement by the Separatists pushed the Nationalist team slowly up the hill toward the castle and surrounding wooded area.

The Separatists repelled a number of Nationalist counter attacks to keep control of the area for the duration of the game.

In the end, Mark Miller’s flag pull in the first half of the game was the deciding factor and the Separatists were declared victorious.

Vic MacFarlane and his crew at SNL Paintball after 17 years know how to produce a first rate scenario game. Not only was the game a success, but MacFarlane once again did what he said he wants “All I want is for every player to have the best time of their lives when they play here.”

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Jul 20, 2009

AXBL Season Ends

~ Photos from AXBL #3 ~Photos from AXBL #3

After the tight fought matches at event #2 the Tippinators were ready for more success at event #3 against Newfoundland and South Shore.

Event #3 of the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League season was played July 18-19, 2009 at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia. Due to a scheduling conflict the Tippinators are unable to attend AXBL event #4. The league was kind enough to adjust the schedule so the Tipps be able to finish up the season after event #3.

Saturday July 18 had the Tipps going up against Wreckhouse who had traveled all the way from Newfoundland to play Eastern Canada’s premier xball league.

As we had seen all season the Tippinators allowed Newfoundland to take a five point lead before coming to life.

A spirited charge lead by the Tippinators All Star players, Dan Laphan, Chris Mullins, and Alex Jacklyn, before the end of the first half brought the team to within one point of Wreckhouse.

Tippinators played some of their best paintball of the season in the second half but the Newfoundland team proved too strong.

A final push by Newfoundland halted the Tippinators advance and ended the game 11-7 in favor of Wreckhouse.
The Tippinators came out for their final game of the AXBL season Sunday July 19th against the South Shore Hometown Heroes.

The winless Hometown Heroes played with a short roster of only seven players. What the Heroes were short on bodies they made up for in grit and determination.

The Tippinators came out flat and never got it together. Point after point ended the same way, with Heroes players running down the Tipps.

At the final horn the Heroes had won their first game of the season in convincing fashion, ending the Tippinators competitive season by a score of 15-3.

After all event 3 matches were complete it was time for the first ever AXBL All Star Game. Players from various AXBL and AX3 teams were divided into Team DraXxuS and Team BuyPBL for the game.

Three Tippinators players were selected to the All Star Game and Tippinators Captain Bruce Johnston was asked to coach Team BuyPBL. At the end of the match between the best players in Atlantic Canada Team BuyPBL came out on top 10-7.

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Jul 15, 2009

3 Tipps to All Star Game

Three of the Tippinators key players have been named to the first ever AXBL All Star Game. Dan Lapham, Chris Mullins and Alex Jacklyn will be representing Team PBL at the All Star Game being held on July 19th, 2009 at AXBL Event #3.

Dan Lapham Alex Jacklyn Chris Mullins

"It is an honor to be selected to the first ever AXBL All Star Game" said Chris Mullins "I'm humbled to be chosen to represent the Tippinators. I plan to play as hard as I can to make my brothers proud."

Dan Lapham is no stranger to All Star play having represented the East in the 2007 CXBL All Star Game, Canada’s top Xball League. "Without my team I am nothing, I owe this honour to them and for that I will play my heart out." said the ever humble Lapham.

Alex Jacklyn, who joined the Tippinators this season, is surprised at the All Star nomination. "I was shocked to hear I was voted to the All Star Team. When I’m on the field I am only thinking about what I can do to help the team win, not about myself."

The rest of Tippinators will be on the side lines cheering on these three brave warriors, and look forward to Chris, Dan and Alex showing the best players in the league the true power of a Tippmann 98.

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Jun 28, 2009

Success in AXBL #2?

~ Photos from AXBL #2 ~Photos from AXBL #2

The Tippinators, armed with fresh batteries in their markers and loaders, plus a hunger for more success, marched into event #2 of the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League season, ready to battle the two strongest teams in the league.

Saturday June 28th saw the Tippinators matched up against, arguably the strongest team in the league, Halifax City United (HCU). The Tipps knew that to have any chance, every player would need their best performance of the season.

The team once again came out flat, giving up five points after trading points to start the game. Calling a time out to get the players together for a pep talk paid dividends. The Tipps started a small rally to end the first half 6-3 in favour of Halifax.

Tippinators success continued into the second half as the team pulled to within one point of Halifax. Halifax came back to life scoring back to back, but a run of penalties killed the momentum.

Due to a technical error, the horn blew just as the Tippinators were closing out a point against Halifax with five minutes remaining in the second half. The horn stopped the game, and denied the Tippinators the point.

Tippinators dug deep, battled back, and erased the Halifax City United lead, scoring three unanswered points as time wound down. The team made a strong push with 32 seconds remaining but time expired before a flag hang.

Final score Halifax City United 9, Tippinators 8. The league commissioner apologized profusely for the earlier error; however, the technical error was the deciding factor in the game. This error cost the team a tie and a much needed point in the league standings.

Buoyed by the success against Halifax, the Tippinators went into their Sunday match against a powerful Halifax Mercs team, confident that their team spirit and system of play used successfully against HCU would continue.

Sunday’s match started the same as Saturday. The Tippinators found themselves down 5-1, and killing a major penalty, more than half way through the first half. Another time out, and pep talk, motivated the team to score two unanswered points and kill the penalty before the end of the half.

The team was disheartened that, just before the end of the half the referee deemed bunker rub a hit, and disallowed a point.

Still unhappy about the disallowed point, the Tipps came out in the second half trading points with the Mercs before going on a run or three consecutive scores as time expired.

After a pitched battle, right down to the end, the final score Tippinators 8, Halifax Mercs 8.

Tippinators confidence is high, even though only one point was taken away from the weekend. The team knows their system will work against the best in the league as they prepare for event 3 in July.

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Jun 7, 2009

Warriors in the Woods IX: RECON

~ Photos from WiW IX ~Photos from WiW IX

Oppressive heat, hordes of ravenous insects and 100% humidity greeted the American soldiers as they stepped of the skids of their Hueys onto the banks of the Mekong River. The under strength company, of 100 men, peered through the tall grass to the far side of the river. Every man knowing they must use one small bridge to cross the river and straight into, what intelligence estimates, 100 battle hardened NVA soldiers.

The mission for the USA is simple, recover artifacts of religious and culturally significance to the people of South Vietnam and destroy all NVA in the area. The North Vietnamese Army will hold their ground, repel the American invaders and unify their country under one flag.

The lines are drawn and the battle set to begin, not in Southeast Asia in the 1960’s, but at Mersey Road Paintball, East River, Nova Scotia, June 7, 2009. Vietnam is the theme for Banshee Paintball’s Warriors in the Woods IX: RECON, the latest installment of the premier scenario paintball series in Eastern Canada.

The Tippinators paintball team tasked with anchoring the NVA side in an attempt to keep the USA at bay was primed for the fight. “This is going to be an epic fight.” Said Ben VanHorne of the Tippinators, “The USA has a solid group of players. It will take everything we’ve got to hold them off,”

Unlike other Warriors in the Woods events registration was limited to 200 for this event. “I really like the lower number of players on the field.” said Chris Mullins of the Tippinators, “With half the normal number of players there will be lots of room to move around out there. It was a good call of Eric [Eric Fisher owner of Banshee Paintball] to limit registration.”

~ Photos from Warriors in the Woods IX ~Warriors in the Woods IX

The main choke point for the game was the one bridge across the river which bisected the field. Aggressive fire and movement from one side then the other resulted in small numbers of players crossing the river. Once into enemy territory these groups were overwhelmed and eliminated. Five Tippinators did manage to break through and advance to the enemy rear area wreaking havoc along the way.

Tippinator player Austin ‘Juno’ Flaherty ran through the US lines picking up one artifact after another. His constant stopping to retrieve artifacts made him look like James Woods from his appearance on the popular television show ‘Family Guy’. While watching Flaherty players expected to hear him say “Oooh another artifact! Oooh another artifact!”

In his haste to retrieve artifacts Flaherty pushed past the US Flag station and the points that go along with a flag capture. Flaherty managed to fight his way back to the station only to be eliminated a few feet from the flag.

The points missed as a result not capturing the flag ended as a moot point. A large number of USA players pushed across the bridge and held long enough for reinforcements to pour in. A valiant last stand by the NVA was to no avail. The spirited USA push and flag capture near the end of game time was enough to push the USA over the top, to an insurmountable lead, and ultimate victory.

The NVA, lost the battle but not the war, pulled back to lick their wounds and prepare for the next battle at Warriors in the Woods X.

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May 25, 2009

AXBL #1 - Lows and Highs

Photos from AXBL #1The Tippinators kicked off their sophomore season of Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League (AXBL) competition Saturday May 23 at Mersey Road Paintball, in East River Nova Scotia. With dry land training throughout the winter and intense weekly practices running up to event day, the Tippinators were confident they can compete head to head against any team in the league.

The first match of the season against Moncton Disturbed did not go according to plan. Though playing hard all day the team fell 16-4 to Moncton. Team Captain Bruce Johnston coached, rather than played for the weekend, due to injury, had a great view of the team’s collapse from the pit area.

“The first two points Saturday I was excited at what I saw.” Johnston said, “The guys did everything we practiced, and it was working. We won a point and lost a point but our system was working.” Johnston continued, “Then for some inexplicable reason we reverted back to how we played last season. Sitting back, trading paint, not moving, just waiting for them to come in and run us down.”

The one sided loss in the first game of the season was a surprise to the team. Chris Landry analyzed the team’s performance, “We failed to adjust to the way the game was being played, each point we got behind we seemed to play more conservative, when what was needed was blinding aggression.” Landry continued, “I think everyone had all night with their thoughts and told themselves what they needed to do better.”

The team was battered and disappointed, but not broken after Saturday’s loss. Landry summed the team’s attitude, “Saturday was a gut check, and wake up call, that will make us play better for the rest of the season.”

Sunday the Tippinators matched up against an experience Northport Warriors team, who were hungry for victory after a heart breaking tie against the Halifax Mercs on Saturday. The Tipps came out with guns rolling and feet moving to dominate the Warriors 13-6.

Photos from AXBL #1Chris Mullins, voted one of the Sunday’s three stars, was pleased with the overnight turnaround, “We learned from the mistakes we made on Saturday and came out Sunday determined not to sit back and gunfight. We took key bunkers and push up the field with more aggression.” Mullins was aware of what a second straight loss would mean to the team, “I think everyone knew that another loss would put us in a really bad spot, so we all stepped up our game and played our hearts out.”

Johnston was relieved to see the team that turned out to play on Sunday, “The team that showed up Sunday was the team I knew I would see this season, and saw a glimpse of on Saturday. They fired, moved, chewed up the field, took it to Northport and were successful. It was truly a thing of beauty to watch.”

Johnston mused at the team’s turnaround, “At one point Saturday I wanted to bust through the netting, grab a marker and run up the field myself. Sunday, I just sat back and enjoyed the show, and what a show it was.”

The Tippinators will continue to practice hard, and keep the momentum going for June’s AXBL event #2 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

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May 6, 2009

Getting Your Photo Taken

I have been playing paintball for a number of years. In the past few years I have started photographing the game I love.

Shooting speedball is relatively easy. The game all happens in a small area and if you position yourself right you can usually get a few spectacular shots. Woodsball is a completely different game to photograph. The game play is spread out over a wide area and you never know from which direction the action will come. A good photographer will move toward the sound of the firefight in search of the perfect shot.

Every player wants to be photographed on the field here are a few tips that will help you get photographed.

To have your photo taken you have to make yourself accessible. If you spend three hours crawling through the weeds, chances are you won’t be seen and therefore can’t be photographed.

Know where the photographer’s position and work toward them. As you are working toward the photographer do something to attract attention. Yes I know that you will also attract the attention of the other team and might get eliminated. Remember an elimination lasts a second but a great photo will last forever.

Don’t look at the camera. Keep on playing your game, pretend the cameraman isn’t even there. The best photos are natural photos. A good photographer will work around you to find a good shot. Shoulder your maker and take a few shots for the camera even if you can’t see the other team. Make yourself a subject worthy of wasting memory card space.

I said not to look at the camera, which is true, but don’t be afraid to smile.

One thing I found out early in my paintball photography career is that paintballers are cheap. Sorry but it’s true. I spend thousands of dollars on gear that I risk getting destroyed every time I step on the field, money for gas to get to the event, money for food, plus a full day of my time to take professional photographs and nobody ever wants to pay for them. Since you now know that paintball photography is a labor of love don’t expect me to crawl around in the mud looking for you.

As soon as players get home from an event the posts will start on the forums “I saw some cameras today. When are the pictures going to be posted?” Arrggh, are you kidding. Give me a break guys. I take between 2000 - 3000 shots during a one day event. If I can get 500 useable shots out of the lot it has been a great day. I have review, sort, crop, edit, process every photo, it takes time. Since I am doing all this for free, be patient.

One last thing and this is the most important tip of them all, DON’T SHOOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER. If every time I walk near a certain team, or certain part of the field I get shot 25 times, guess what? I’m not going to go there, and I’m not going to take your photo.

There are a number of professional and talented amateur photographers who come out to events all over the country. Paintball photography isn’t easy. When I play an event I might get shot 10 times, at the most. When I photograph and event I’m lucky if I have under 50 welts and can’t begin to count the number of times I’m hit. If you see a photographer or videographer on the field, show them some respect, make their job easy and you never know, you might end up in Paintball Sports Magazine.

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May 3, 2009

RISK Scenario Game

Tippinators Produce Scenario Based on Popular Board Game

In a departure from the usual reenacting historic battles or emulating television or movies the Tippinators Paintball Team, to create something not before seen by the players of Eastern Canada, on May 3rd, 2009 produced a scenario event based on a board game – RISK.

Like the Parker Brothers (now a division of Hasbro) game of strategic global domination, Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia, was divided into six territories for which two teams had to compete. Each territory had a point value based on size and accessibility. To further simulate the board game the playing field had large sections taped off as oceans, creating choke points and forced zones of conflict.

Point scoring was simple for the teams. Every ten minute period a team controlled a territory points were awarded. In addition to the ten minute awarding of points, timed ten minute respawns replicated the end of game turns.

Event organizer Chris Landry of the Tippinators was the pleased with the games acceptance. “Basing a paintball scenario on a popular board game is outside the box thinking for sure.” Landry continued, “Since the 1950’s people have loved RISK and a lot of players came out just to see how the game would work.”

Due to the multiple objectives, and defined avenues of advance, the game was fast moving with multiple changes in zone occupation throughout the day. Constant shifts of momentum and changes of territory occupation kept the players interest and hungry to continue in an effort to dominate the world.

Unlike the board game, players on the field are unable to see the big picture, Landry’s solution to the problem was simple. “We allowed the refs, who were in contact with each other, to act as source of intel to the players.” Landry said. “Players were given a broad overview of how much territory they held and suggested whether to send players to the north or south side of the field.” Players coming from the respawn could decide to sure up lines of defense or exploit weaknesses of the other team.

The players universally appreciated the use of intelligence as it helped the game flow. “Having an idea of what was happening elsewhere made the game much more interesting.” Said Ed Bryant of Halifax. “Each respawn meant a new challenge at a different part of the field; it kept us on our toes all day.”

The eagerness of the players to keep up the fight was evident by the lack of people in the staging area while the game was in progress. “You would see a player literally run off the field, get paint get air and run back.” Commented Landry, “One of the signs that you have discovered the winning formula for a scenario is the players not wanting to stop.”

Due to the overwhelming success of RISK Landry was asked about the theme for the Tippinators next scenario. “ I’m not sure. Maybe Monopoly? Have everyone fighting for Boardwalk and ignoring Baltic.” After a thoughtful pause Landry concluded with a smile “We would have to hide GO, I can’t afford to give every player $200.”

The success of RISK shows that a producer can step outside the reenactment mode for a scenario game. The most important elements of a scenario are clearly defined objectives, simplified game play, organized and dedicated staff and a most importantly a group of paintballers will to go out, shoot paint and have fun.

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Apr 10, 2009

BF - Largest Event NS History

Black Friday Scenario Event Sets New Nova Scotia Record

Photos from Black Friday

Daily reports of the global economic downturn, lay offs, closures, and predictions of doom and gloom running rampant in the media have left many expecting 2009 to be a lean year for paintball field owners. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Black Friday, which many consider the unofficial start of the eastern Canadian paintball season, shattered all records with 478 players attending from across the region.

Photos from Black Friday

Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia, Canada once again hosted the Black Friday scenario event on April 10th. 2009 marks the 8th year for Black Friday at Mersey, an event where after a long winter of only being able to play the occasional game of indoor reball, woodsballers, speedballers, milsim teams, xball teams and rec players gathered for a day of camaraderie, sportsmanship and fun before players gravitate back to their preferred style of play.

"My prayers to the paintball gods were answered." Commented Jim Langlois co owner of Mersey Road Paintball "Eight straight days of rain prior to event day plus all the talk of recession made me wonder what kind of turn out there would be this year." Langlois continued "When car loads of players started pouring in at 7:00am I had a feeling it would be a big day."

Photos from Black Friday

By 11:00am the staging area swarmed with players eager to start the season, and have some fun. When the opening horn blew, players rushed forward to shoot paint and bang the rust off the skills that laid dormant all winter. Ferocious firefights and spectacular individual efforts were commonplace all around the field, with players giving it their all throughout the day.

Tippinators players Chris Landry was impressed with the attitude and high spirits of the players who attended. "You could tell how hard everyone was fighting, on both sides, because you never saw a person walking off alone, they were with 10 other people who had been eliminated." Landry continued 'Everyone was having a great time. They rushed to repaint, get air and head back into the fight." Photos from Black Friday "Everything just flowed well all day," remarked Landry "Reffing, administration, food, raffles. Nobody expected this kind of turnout but the staff and players pulled together and made it an event to remember."

Black Friday 2009 showed paintballers (woodsballers and speedballers alike) either don't listen to, or don’t care what the experts say. Recession? What recession? Any day when almost 500 players come together to play paintball is a great day. If Black Friday is any indication, 2009 will be a very good year.

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Apr 3, 2009

CP Signs Tippinators

Custom Products Sign Tippinators to Sponsorship Agreement

Tippinators Sign with Custom Products

The Tippinators Paintball Team are pleased and excited to announce they have entered into a sponsorship agreement for 2009 with Custom Products based in Gilbert Arizona.

Team Captain, Bruce 'Charon' Johnston is looking forward to working with Custom Products. "We all use one CP product or another, we have for years." Johnston said, "It only makes sense for us to team up with CP. We use and believe in the quality of their products."

Custom Products carries a full line of paintball accessories from barrels, to squeegees. Currently CP produces some of the best bottom and tank regulators on the market. CP gear can make any marker better and give any player that extra edge, whether they are a speedballer or die hard rec player.

Justin 'KossaK' Landry of the Tippinators was excited to hear of the signing with CP. "CP makes good kit. Really good kit. It will be great to represent such a great line of products."

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Feb 4, 2009

Tippmann Factory Team

Tippinators Named Tippmann Sports Canadian Factory Team

Tippmann Sports, based in Fort Wayne, IN, the world's leader in high-performance paintball products, have named the Tippinators, a paintball team based out of Mersey Road Paintball, Hubbards, Nova Scotia, as the official Tippmann Sports Canadian Factory Team.

Brent Cunningham, Tippmann Sports Director, International Sales said, "We are very pleased to have the Tippinators representing Tippmann Sports as our official factory team in Canada." Cunningham continued, "Tippinators has become such a strong brand, making rec ballers everywhere believe that anything is possible."
Tippinators - Tippmann Sports Canadian Factory TeamTippmann entered the paintball industry in 1986. Thinking the sport would never last, they entered the paintball industry with a goal: to make high-quality, durable paintball markers and accessories that people could afford. The sport never slowed down and has become the number three extreme sport, played by an estimated 11 million people world wide, Tippmann has grown along with the sport.

Customers know that when they buy a Tippmann, they are buying quality, whether you're a first-time player or seasoned scenario or woodsball player. Tippmann stand behind their products 100 percent. From the X-7 to the A-5 or 98 Custom, to the new line of U.S. Army markers, Tippmann has a marker that can fit your budget, or style of play, and be modified like no other marker in the industry today. With amazing performance out of the box, or with just a few Tippmann upgrades or accessories, you can create the ultimate marker that will fit your game and give you years of paintball excitement.

Tippinators - Tippmann Sports Canadian Factory Team"I am excited to hear the team receive such a prestigious honor," commented Tippinators Captain Bruce Johnston. "To act as the Canadian representatives and official face of an industry leader like Tippmann is not a responsibility we take lightly. We will show players that the Tippmann Company and Tippmann products are among the best in the world."

The Tippinators special brand of paintball including a fun loving, play with honor style, using Tippmann paintball markers for tournament speedball, league xball, and recreational woodsball play is what brought the team to the attention of Tippmann Sports. The Tippinators use mechanically operated markers while playing head to head against electro pneumatic super-markers during competition in an effort to prove that paintball is paintball regardless of the equipment used or in what venue the game is played.

"The word Tippinators has become synonymous with honesty, integrity, fair play, embodying the very best this sport has to offer." Said Cunningham, "These are the core values of Tippmann Sports, we know the Tippinators will represent Tippmann and the sport of paintball with class and professionalism."

As the Tippmann Sports Canadian Factory Team, the Tippinators will continue to promote the adrenaline pumping fun of paintball throughout eastern Canada, and show why Tippmann produces some of the best all around products in the industry; products can be used by any player, of any ability.

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Jan 7, 2009

No AWL 3-Peat

Tippinators Wont Defend AWL Title in 2009

After long discussions within the team, and with sponsors, Tippinators Paintball has elected to not participate in the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) formerly Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) in 2009. The decision means the two time defending league champions will not be able to 3-peat.

“This was not a decision we made lightly” said Bruce Johnston, Tippinators Team Captain. “The ATWL is a great league and everyone had fun playing once the whistle blew.” The ATWL has grown steadily over the past two seasons, drawing more and more players every year.

“Considering the economic climate we felt that we could better serve our sponsors by attending all of the regional big scenario games than to play the league.” said Johnston. “If we can play with hundreds of players at scenario games it will give better exposure to our sponsors than seeing the same six teams every ATWL event day and missing scenario events.”

With only so much money, and time, available through the summer something had to give. “We want to play everything but we just can’t.” said Chris ‘Fuzzy’ Landry “When push came to shove, we felt it is our duty to do what is best for the sponsors who have supported the team over the years.”

The Tippinators have always believed the good of the sponsors comes first. With the global economic down turn people have less money to spend on activities like paintball. "Now is the time for sponsored teams to step up and do the little extras for their sponsors.” Said Landry.

"We will miss the fierce competition and playing against the best woodsballers in Eastern Canada." said Johnston. "2009 looks like it will be a great season. It will be tough to sit out."

“We all wish Shaun Langille [ATWL league founder] and the teams competing in 2009 the best of luck.” Commented Austin ‘Juno’ Flaherty. “We will be back to play the ATWL in the future, so don’t get to comfortable without us.” Flaherty concluded with a smile and wink.

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