Jan 7, 2009

No AWL 3-Peat

Tippinators Wont Defend AWL Title in 2009

After long discussions within the team, and with sponsors, Tippinators Paintball has elected to not participate in the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) formerly Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) in 2009. The decision means the two time defending league champions will not be able to 3-peat.

“This was not a decision we made lightly” said Bruce Johnston, Tippinators Team Captain. “The ATWL is a great league and everyone had fun playing once the whistle blew.” The ATWL has grown steadily over the past two seasons, drawing more and more players every year.

“Considering the economic climate we felt that we could better serve our sponsors by attending all of the regional big scenario games than to play the league.” said Johnston. “If we can play with hundreds of players at scenario games it will give better exposure to our sponsors than seeing the same six teams every ATWL event day and missing scenario events.”

With only so much money, and time, available through the summer something had to give. “We want to play everything but we just can’t.” said Chris ‘Fuzzy’ Landry “When push came to shove, we felt it is our duty to do what is best for the sponsors who have supported the team over the years.”

The Tippinators have always believed the good of the sponsors comes first. With the global economic down turn people have less money to spend on activities like paintball. "Now is the time for sponsored teams to step up and do the little extras for their sponsors.” Said Landry.

"We will miss the fierce competition and playing against the best woodsballers in Eastern Canada." said Johnston. "2009 looks like it will be a great season. It will be tough to sit out."

“We all wish Shaun Langille [ATWL league founder] and the teams competing in 2009 the best of luck.” Commented Austin ‘Juno’ Flaherty. “We will be back to play the ATWL in the future, so don’t get to comfortable without us.” Flaherty concluded with a smile and wink.

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