Jul 27, 2009

SNL 17th Anniversary

~ Photos from SNL ~Tippinators at SNL

The AXBL season is over so it time for the Tippinators to head back to the woods, and their roots. SNL Paintball, in Truro Nova Scotia, held their 17th anniversary game on July 26th, 2009 turned out to be the perfect opportunity for the Tipps to once again roll around in the mud.

Players from across Atlantic Canada joined together to help field owner Vic MacFarlane, along with support from Eric Fisher from Banshee Paintball, celebrate the longest running annual paintball game series in Eastern Canada.

The scenario was a simple, each team, the Canadian Nationalists versus Nova Scotian Separatists, were assigned a base. The objective was to capture other base and replace their flag with your own to declare victory. Timed ten minute respawns allowed reinforcements to flood the field and keep the action going.

The Tippinators, anchoring the Separatists, rushed forward from their base, a hill top castle overlooking the entire field, toward the Nationalist’s base located in the full size town at the base of the hill.

After a pitched battle the Tippinators were able to take a foothold in one end of the town. Mark Miller, armed only with his TPX, lead a push from building to building until Miller pulled the Nationalist flag to end the game just before the lunch break.

During the break field owner MacFarlane held a draw for a number of door prizes, ranging from bags of paint to the grand prize of a Tippmann 98. The Tippinators received a round of applause from the players when the team donated the door prizes they won back to be redrawn or to the youngest players at the game.

~ Photos from SNL ~Tippinators at SNL

The bases switched for the second half of play. The Tippinators and Separatists allies started defending the town, the Nationalists controlling the hill top castle. Aggressive fire and movement by the Separatists pushed the Nationalist team slowly up the hill toward the castle and surrounding wooded area.

The Separatists repelled a number of Nationalist counter attacks to keep control of the area for the duration of the game.

In the end, Mark Miller’s flag pull in the first half of the game was the deciding factor and the Separatists were declared victorious.

Vic MacFarlane and his crew at SNL Paintball after 17 years know how to produce a first rate scenario game. Not only was the game a success, but MacFarlane once again did what he said he wants “All I want is for every player to have the best time of their lives when they play here.”

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Jul 20, 2009

AXBL Season Ends

~ Photos from AXBL #3 ~Photos from AXBL #3

After the tight fought matches at event #2 the Tippinators were ready for more success at event #3 against Newfoundland and South Shore.

Event #3 of the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League season was played July 18-19, 2009 at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia. Due to a scheduling conflict the Tippinators are unable to attend AXBL event #4. The league was kind enough to adjust the schedule so the Tipps be able to finish up the season after event #3.

Saturday July 18 had the Tipps going up against Wreckhouse who had traveled all the way from Newfoundland to play Eastern Canada’s premier xball league.

As we had seen all season the Tippinators allowed Newfoundland to take a five point lead before coming to life.

A spirited charge lead by the Tippinators All Star players, Dan Laphan, Chris Mullins, and Alex Jacklyn, before the end of the first half brought the team to within one point of Wreckhouse.

Tippinators played some of their best paintball of the season in the second half but the Newfoundland team proved too strong.

A final push by Newfoundland halted the Tippinators advance and ended the game 11-7 in favor of Wreckhouse.
The Tippinators came out for their final game of the AXBL season Sunday July 19th against the South Shore Hometown Heroes.

The winless Hometown Heroes played with a short roster of only seven players. What the Heroes were short on bodies they made up for in grit and determination.

The Tippinators came out flat and never got it together. Point after point ended the same way, with Heroes players running down the Tipps.

At the final horn the Heroes had won their first game of the season in convincing fashion, ending the Tippinators competitive season by a score of 15-3.

After all event 3 matches were complete it was time for the first ever AXBL All Star Game. Players from various AXBL and AX3 teams were divided into Team DraXxuS and Team BuyPBL for the game.

Three Tippinators players were selected to the All Star Game and Tippinators Captain Bruce Johnston was asked to coach Team BuyPBL. At the end of the match between the best players in Atlantic Canada Team BuyPBL came out on top 10-7.

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Jul 15, 2009

3 Tipps to All Star Game

Three of the Tippinators key players have been named to the first ever AXBL All Star Game. Dan Lapham, Chris Mullins and Alex Jacklyn will be representing Team PBL at the All Star Game being held on July 19th, 2009 at AXBL Event #3.

Dan Lapham Alex Jacklyn Chris Mullins

"It is an honor to be selected to the first ever AXBL All Star Game" said Chris Mullins "I'm humbled to be chosen to represent the Tippinators. I plan to play as hard as I can to make my brothers proud."

Dan Lapham is no stranger to All Star play having represented the East in the 2007 CXBL All Star Game, Canada’s top Xball League. "Without my team I am nothing, I owe this honour to them and for that I will play my heart out." said the ever humble Lapham.

Alex Jacklyn, who joined the Tippinators this season, is surprised at the All Star nomination. "I was shocked to hear I was voted to the All Star Team. When I’m on the field I am only thinking about what I can do to help the team win, not about myself."

The rest of Tippinators will be on the side lines cheering on these three brave warriors, and look forward to Chris, Dan and Alex showing the best players in the league the true power of a Tippmann 98.

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