Sep 20, 2009

Scenario Organizer's Thoughts

By: Tippinator Chris Landry - Risk Scenario Organizer

You know I’m every other event organizer walks into an event terrified its going to be a failure.
Are people going to show?
Will everything run smooth?
Did I bring everything?

All these questions circle in your mind until the end of the day when everyone is smiling and patting each other on the back.

Risk was no different for me this year, as an event with no pre-registration its always a danger that players are going to wake up look at the clock and say, “I shouldn’t have had that last shot of tequila” and go back to sleep instead of coming to play. But as always in the end all was well. A great turnout of about 100 players made for a great day.
Our new style of reffing where the reffs are actually there to help you, give you intel and try and tell you when its safe to move kept the game very dynamic with the lines of scrimmage moving back and forth all day long. I always thought players were going to complain about reffs getting involved, but I was happy to hear they loved it.

See you all at Risk 3 : Even Riskier?, Risky Business?, Risque?

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