Sep 18, 2009

Tips for Kids

by: Justin Landry

Be who you are, and be shameless about it. Don't subscribe to the same attitudes or opinions of everyone else just for the sake of fitting in, either on a personal level, or as a team. Once you find a good crew, you'll know. Stick with them.

You are the sum of your life's experiences. This means that to become more, you must do more, experience more, push more. Sometimes it will be excruciating. Sometimes the physical, mental and emotional crap you'll have to endure will seem endless, and range from the mundane to the impossible. It DOES pay off, you just have to look at the big picture. even comparing yourself now to the player you were when you first played, i'm sure you can spot the evolution.

Ollie Lang wasn't born great. He wasnt imbued with magical powers. He fell in love with the sport and worked his ass off. A good work ethic applies to all things, not just paintball. YOU are your own biggest obstacle to overcome.

"He who conquers himself, is the mightiest warrior"

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