Nov 19, 2009

An All Tippmann Paintball Team

An All Tippmann Paintball Team - The Tippinators

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The Tippinators Paintball Team started with just a simple conversation shared between Scott Knowles and Bruce Johnston in the early days of July 2005.

The two were playing woodsball in Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia. They overheard a talk from a few speedballers about a rookie tournament that is about to come up by the end of that same month. The players were laughing at the idea of any speedballer winning such a tournament or even just having the guts to enter such. But this became a serious matter for the two men. Hence, they decided to enter the tournament and face the great challenge.

Since that day of July 2005, the Tippinators Paintball team grew to a total of 18 members and has played throughout the entirety of the North Eastern part of US and the Eastern section of Canada. The ripples of success that they have created lapped into a sea of sponsors who were running after being associated with the team’s determination and success. The Tippinators Paintball Team were famous not just for their elegant sportsmanship but with how they view the paintball sport as something that is worthy of fun and experience.

At present, the Tippinators Paintball Team continues to bring great impact to other paintball teams around the world. Their fun loving hearts simply love the art of paintball and every type and style the sport may offer, whether that would be woodsball, recball, xball or speedball. They are usually seen playing every Sunday at Mersey Road Paintball. After their rookie success in 2008 for xball, they are now renewing their franchise and will be competing in the Xball league of Canda. The team believes that their simple mission of having fun and making new friends is enough to make them always be ahead of their own game and of their rivals.

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Nov 13, 2009

Tippinators Recruiting

With the upcoming 2010 season coming, the Tippinators have decided for the very first time, to open our doors to the community to find new players for the formation of the Tippinators sister team The "HFX Cyclones" xball team.

This is an exciting opportunity for any new players who want to try their hand at xball while being involved with the best known and most professionally run paintball team in Eastern Canada. Only professional teams are as organized as, and have as many sponsors as the Tippinators. NOW is your chance to be part of this 'one of a kind' organization.

Previous speedball experience is not required. All players will receive extensive dry land and speedball training / coaching conducted by P90X grad / team captain Bruce Johnston and CXBL & AXBL All Star Dan Lapham and the rest of the Tippinators AXBL squad.

If you are selected and you complete all the training, come to all practices, by the end of the season, you will become a better paintballer then you every thought you could be. You will be stronger, faster and all around better player.

The Cyclones is a mix of both existing and new talent, will be competing in the new AX4 format, and will be coached and trained by the Tippinators. Unlike the Tippinators, Cyclone players can shoot any marker they want.

The Cyclones will hit the ground running, providing all new members access to the full package of benefits from the Tippinators supporting companies.

We are the Canadian Factory Team for Tippmann Sports, and under our team banner we represent many major companies within the industry, including PBL Action Sports, TechT Paintball, Draxxus, VForce, ProCaps, Hammerhead, APE Electronics, CP, NXe, Flurry Industries and more.

Our home field, is of course Mersey Road Paintball - home of Atlantic Canada's only turfed XBall field and the largest woodsball field east of Montreal.

We are looking for those who are interested in competing alongside experienced AXBL and CXBL players in a format that is on the forefront of the paintball world, as well as in some of the biggest scenario events in Canada and the US.

Recruited players would be expected to practice, fund-raise and adhere to our team's policies and regulations.

Interested? Check out our website and send us an email, we will be in touch.

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Nov 5, 2009

Interview in Shooting Hot

The View from the Turret:
Is 40 Old?
Not if You’re a Paintball Player
By: Dawn Allcot

Full Article Posted to Shooting Hot Magazine November 2009 Issue
Excerpt below

Working Out in Your 40’s .. and Beyond
Bruce Johnston, captain of the Nova Scotia, Canada based Tippinators, is another so-called older player who works hard to play up front. "During dry land training I’m usually leading the team," he says. "As the leader, I have to be in front."

Shooting Hot Magazine - November 2009

He draws inspiration and motivation from the younger players. "The guys are constantly pushing me to be better. They are always encouraging me to dig deeper."

Playing competitive Xball in Canada’s AXBL, Johnston discovered, required a whole new level of physical fitness. He started the exercise program P90X and has had great success with it.

"After only the first two weeks of P90X the guys noticed a huge difference in my strength and cardio conditioning," he tells Shooting Hot Magazine. “Thanks to my off-field conditioning my bumps to the secondary are faster, time in the lane is reduced, and I can play point after point without effort."

That’s not to say it’s easy. "The biggest difference now that I am older is the amount of effort it takes to get results when working out,” Johnston says. “Part of the issue is the time it takes for my body to recover from the pulls and strains of working out. As you get older the body slows down so I need to work twice as hard to get the same results."

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