Apr 8, 2010

Stop the Vandals

By David Muhlestein, About.com Guide to Paintball
Wednesday March 31, 2010

A man was recently cited for defacing petroglyphs with a paintball gun in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Not only was this a stupid thing to do for himself and his legal future, it's a stupid thing for the sport of paintball. I've mentioned it more than once, and I'll probably mention it again, but it makes me mad that the majority of news coverage of the sport of paintball involves vandalism or other criminal activity. I'm sure that thousands of people successfully played paintball on the very day that this idiot shot up the petroglyphs, but they won't get a single mention by the press, only the one guy who caused problems.

Paintball is a great sport that almost anyone can enjoy, but countless people will never try it because of the negative actions of a few people. Just think, if all someone ever heard about the sport is that people use the gear to vandalize property or shoot unsuspecting passersby, why would that person even want to learn about the positive aspects of the game? The simple truth is that for all the good that thousands of paintball players can do to positively depict the sport, more bad can be done in just a few seconds by one person who doesn't have any common sense. Now you and I and everyone else who cares about paintball's image have that much more work to do to clear up more misrepresentations of the sport. Lucky us.