Jul 18, 2010

AXBL AX4 Event 2 Update

~ Photos from Cyclones AX4 ~ Photos from Cyclones AX4 - Please note Cyclone players can shoot any maker they choose

The Tippinators Paintball AXBL Team and Tippinator Cyclone AX4 Team were primed and ready to play Event #2 of the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League season. AXBL event 2 moved to a first time venue at Storm Warning Paintball in Kentville Nova Scotia on June 17 and 18, 2010.

The Cyclones practiced hard between prior to event 2 and hoped the hard work would translate into improved performance on the field.

The Cyclone's hard work paid off against the Halifax Hitmen. The Hitmen are previous league champions, who are now in a rebuilding phase. The Cyclones used aggressive fore and movement to dominate the field and pull out the first win in franchise history.

A five hour wait before game two brought the team out sluggish against the strong Truro Army squad. The Cyclones allowed Army to go up a few points early before coming to life. Once the Cyclones started to play, they managed to trade point for point with Army through the rest of the game.

"I am really proud of how the guys came together today." said Bruce Johnston, Team Captain, "They showed what they are made of deep down. Event 3 will be a great show."

Halifax Cyclones 10 - Halifax Hitmen 6
Truro Army 10 - Halifax Cyclones 6

~ Photos from Tippinators AXBL ~ Photos from Tippinators AXBL

The match between the Tipps and their long time friends on South Shore Hype was the Tippinators only scheduled game for July 18th.

Hype jumped out to an early lead after which they simply held on for the rest of the match. The Tippinator players were having so much fun running and gunning in the mid 30's heat (that would be mid 90's for you folks south of the border) that if you didn't see the scoreboard, you would have no idea who was winning by watching the reaction of the players in the pits.

In a true display of Tippinator playfulness and sportsmanship, the Tippinators traded markers with Hype players for the last part of the game. Cries of "How the hell do you turn this thing on!" could be heard coming from the start box.

"We are friends that play ball together, not competitive cut throat do or die individuals, but a cohesive group that all shares the same core values," said Dan Lapham,"when one gets down we all get down, when someones puking in the bushes we are wondering if they are ok, not who won the last point."

Lapham continued, "We are what we are, we've built a name together a play style that has attracted every type of player from across the province and an attitude that screams we love what we do, no matter what the scoreboard says."

South Shore Hype 13 - HRM Tippinators 4

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Jul 12, 2010

Sponsorship - The Holy Grail of Paintball

Ask not what your sponsor can do for you...

What is something that every paintball team wants and few have? Sponsors. Sponsorship is the Holy Grail of paintball. If you have sponsors you are considered to be in another class among paintball teams.

Anybody can find a sponsor for his or her paintball team. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that the potential sponsor only cares about one thing, selling more products. Sponsors need to be convinced that investing in your team makes good business sense. Ideally, the company’s name will be “marketed” to a segment of potential customers in a positive manner, which will result in more exposure and sales. Welcome to the cold, harsh, economically-driven “real” world. It’s all about the bottom line, and most sponsors need to see dollar signs.

Since “sponsorship hunting” can be as competitive as a Tournament final, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to devise your “pre-game” strategy.

Before you take the field in your quest for a sponsorship flag, you need to ask yourself some questions. What makes your team different or special? If you were a business owner, what would you want and expect from a team you are sponsoring?

Find (or establish) some unique traits about your paintball squad. If your team doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you are going to find it difficult to attract and maintain sponsors. Ultimately, how can your team benefit a potential sponsor? If you can answer that question you will have a much better chance of finding sponsors.

To avoid being eliminated on the break – so to speak – your first impression (and reputation) must be positive. It’s essential for you to have an information package for potential sponsors that is professional, concise, and clearly identifies the benefits you offer. The package should contain “hard copy” documents and pictures that you can physically hand to business owners and company reps:

1. Team name, logo, home location, website, and contact information (including phone & email)
2. General team history
3. Names, ages and experience of team members
4. Color photographs of each team member
5. Practice schedule and home playing location
6. Tournament / public events schedule
7. Current equipment list of each team member
8. Team achievements / awards / press clippings, etc.
9. List of current sponsors
10. Team goals

This seems like a lot of information but if you don’t prove to the sponsor that you are serious, you won’t be taken seriously. Put the package together and present it to the owner of your home field. Your home field owner is the most natural sponsorship candidate, and best audience for your first presentation. Hopefully you’ll dazzle him with your brilliance and he’ll sign on the dotted line. Then, start pursuing other business owners by presenting the package to anyone who can contribute to your team, no matter how small the contribution.

Be prepared to be turned down over and over again. Securing sponsors is like securing a place on the podium at a tournament – but never give up. The reason that most people are unsuccessful in signing sponsors is because they are focused only on what the sponsor can do for them. Wrong! If you want sponsors, ask not what the sponsor can do for you; ask what you can do for your sponsor.

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Jul 3, 2010

Tipps Ref ATWL Opener

~ Photos from ATWL Opener ~Photos from ATWL Event 2

After the success in 2009, Shaun Langille, owner of the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL), has once again asked the Tippinators to officiate event the ATWL for the 2010 season.

"The Tippinators reffed for us last season and it was a huge success." Langille said, "We are lucky that the Tippinators will, once again, be able to officiate the ATWL this year."

Once again the Tippinators decided not to play the ATWL this year, opting instead to concentrate on scenario paintball and big games rather than competitive woodsball.

Tippinator Captain Bruce Johnston is pleased with how things worked out. "Thing were great last season. The professionalism of the teams participating make the job pretty easy." said Johnston with a laugh "But don't tell Shaun or we will be out of a job."

The Tippinators were on hand in at Mersey Road Paintball on July 3, 2010 to enforce the ATWL rules, and make sure all players had a day of fun, competitive, and safe paintball.

The players were happy to have an unbiased reffing staff on hand for the day. Both the players and league management agree the officiating was top notch.

"It's great to be involved with the league and I am looking forward to watching, and reffing, more great woodsball action at ATWL this season." Johnston concluded