Oct 19, 2011

2nd Annual Tippinators Charity Golf Tournament

Tippinators host 2nd annual charity golf tournament
The Tippinators have never been considered a typical paintball team. Unlike other teams the Tipps feel that whenever possible it is important to give back to the community outside paintball. It was with that community spirit in mind that Tippinators put down their markers in favour of clubs to raise money for charity.

2nd Annual Tippinators Charity Golf Tournament was played Saturday October 15, 2011. Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia once again played host to the charity event in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

"There are many worthy charities out there." said Tippinators Captain Bruce Johnston, "When you consider everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another, our choice of the Canadian Cancer Society was obvious."

The Canadian Cancer Society is a not for profit national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

The players took to the beautiful links style golf course on the shore of the north Atlantic on an unusually warm fall day. Though warm, the conditions were far from perfect. Wind gusts of up to 70mph would blow a ball off the tee and at times players were afraid of blowing over themselves.

charity golf tournament at Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club
Regardless of the wind the players were in high spirits and enjoyed some competitive time together away from the paintball field and being able to raise money for charity.

"I don’t think we made enough of an impact on the other players." laughed Tippinator Mark Miller. "Next year I will wear my paintball gear including mask and fill my pods with golf balls. That will turn some heads."

When all the players came off the course the tournament champions was going to be crowned, however, nobody kept score. Like the Tippinators brand of paintball, purpose of the golf day was to have fun.

"I don’t really see the difference." commented Tippinator Trevor Colwell. "I shoot a case of paint a day when I play paintball. I lose a case of golf balls a day when I golf."

The day was an unqualified success. The team played some golf on a championship golf course, had more than a few laughs, and more importantly raised money for a very worth while charity.

"The event this year was even better than the 2010 tournament" said Johnston. "We are very pleased that Hartlen Point has already slotted us in for the 3rd Annual Charity Tournament in 2012. Maybe next year we will have everyone wear their masks."

Tippinators host 2nd annual charity golf tournament at Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club

Oct 11, 2011

The Experiment Begins Woodsball Event

October 30th
Mersey Road Paintball
Registration opens at 9:00
First Experiment begins at 10:30.
Field fee: $10, air included, co2 extra
paint: $20/bag

The Experiment

Initial zombie force 10% of total players
When a human is bitten(shot) the body is sent to the morgue and immediately reanimates as a zombie.
When a zombie is killed he goes to the graveyard where he must wait for nightfall to rise again (respawn every 10 mins)
total game time 90 mins



The helicopter is your only source of salvation now, but that piece of junk hasn’t flown in years, the engine needs a tune up and even if you got that working you would still need to salvage 3 fuel cells to get her airborne. But that isn’t even the biggest problem, even if you fix the engine that’s broken, and find enough fuel that was hard to come by even before the apocalypse you still would be flying blind without a nav computer.
Your scouts are due back in 10 minutes, with them they will have intel on the location of all the items you require, the mindless brain gobblers wont have a clue what you are trying to accomplish.
To escape certain death you must find all 5 of these components and get them to the helicopter.


BRAINS.... need i say more?
Okay i will say a little more, the zombie infection will be ruled unstoppable when the human survivors have dwindled to %10 of their starting forces, at this time the fractured world government will nuke the site from orbit to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Predators Win ATWL Championship

The Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) playoffs and championship were played on Saturday October 1, 2011 at the official field of the league Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia, Canada.

Players woke on October 1st to torrential rains and high winds generated by Hurricane Ophelia off the coast. After perfect weather during the first three events players needed an entirely different skill set to play in low visibility, when paint was much less accurate and water would get into everything.

The league used a simple playoff format. The first place team from the regular season played against the fourth place team, while the second place team played the third place team. The winner from each game would advance to the championship.

To eliminate any kind of field layout advantage the teams played each other twice, once from either end of the field. The game format from the regular season continued in the playoffs, a team would earn points for every minute they held one of the three flag stations during a 20 minute match.

The first game of the day was an exciting match between the Moncton Spartans and the home field Mersey Road Predators. The fourth place Spartans held a slim lead until the last five minutes of the match. At the end of the game the Predators pushed forward, taking all flag stations, winning the match - 185 to 100.

The second match was a battle of past champions. The 2010 champion Anthraxx fighting against the 2009 champion Nova Scotia Mercenaries. Anthraxx started the match strong quickly capturing all flag stations. The Mercenaries were unable to mount any sustained pressure, and were beaten by Anthraxx - 160 to 60

In match three the Predators picked their game up a notch to defeat the Spartans - 250 to 60. The point total for both matches gave the Predators a win for the game and a spot in the championship.

The final spot in the championship would be decided in the second match between Anthraxx and the NS Mercenaries. The Mercenaries had a large deficit to overcome after the first match but were confident that their previous experience would help propel them to the finals.

The Mercenaries experience and poise showed as the team pushed hard from the start of the match to take the initiative away from Anthraxx. The defending champs Anthraxx battled their way back into the game but a rush made by the Mercs at the end handed Anthraxx a defeat. The Mercenaries prevailed but would they earn enough points to overcome the Anthraxx lead from match one and advance to the championship.

Soggy teams sat nervously in the staging area, while the referee squad totalled the points from the playoff round. When score sheets compiled and the points tallied, the incredible effort and heroic play of the Mercenaries in match four came up just short. The Mercenaries won match two but Team Anthraxx defeated the Mercenaries by a mere 60 points overall.

The championship was set between Anthraxx and the Mersey Road Predators. The bronze medal would be fought for by the Nova Scotia Mercenaries and Moncton Spartans.

After a short break to clean the fog out of goggles, retape porting and electronics, the water logged teams took to the field for the final four match climax of the 2011 ATWL season.

The bronze medal matches were the closest of the season. The Spartans upped their game with the end of the season in sight, and traded matches with the Mercenaries. The Spartans gave it their all but the former champs were too strong. The Mercenaries emerged victorious capturing the bronze medal.

The long season came down to two matches to decide the 2011 ATWL champions. Both the Predators and Anthraxx played a cautious style in first match. It looked like neither team wanted to make a mistake that would cost them the championship. The first match ended with the Predators doubling up on Anthraxx 160 to 80.

The final match of the season, and the match that would decide the champion, was the exact opposite of the first match between Anthraxx and the Predators. Right from the opening horn both team charged headlong through the rain into a hail of paint. The match showcased the talent and aggressiveness of Atlantic Canadian paintballers.

The final match was a battle back and forth with multiple flag changes, aggressive fire and movement, and bunkering moves. In the end the Mersey Road Predators came out on top to become the 2011 Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Champions.

Prior to the awards ceremony League Commissioner Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators was pleased to see spontaneous of handshakes and back slaps between the players.

“Having the players standing in the pouring rain exchanging congratulation was great to see.” said Johnston “It shows that the players are here for competition, but more importantly, to have a great time playing paintball”

The first award given out was the one Johnston considered to be the most important, The Most Sportsmanlike Player was awarded to Jeff Barrieau of the Moncton Spartans.

“Whether his team was up or down, Jeff gave it all he had every time he was on the field.” Johnston commented, “If you want to know the right way to play paintball, watch this guy [Barrieau]”. For his efforts Barrieau received a trophy, marker and tee shirt provided by PBL Sports.

League sponsor PBL Action Sports from Montreal Quebec, also supplied markers and shirts awarded to team captains; Jim Langlois of the first place Predators, Ryan Cox of second place Anthraxx, and Kevin Whynot of the third place Mercenaries.

The ATWL’s lead sponsor Tippmann Sports supplied the prizes for the winning teams. Tippmann provided t-shirts for the third place Mercenaries, digi cam NXe 4+3+3 woodsball harnesses for second place Anthraxx and markers for the championship Predators.

The Tippinators would like to thank the players for putting on a great show and the sponsors for their generous support in 2011. The Tipps are already organizing the 2012 season which we know will be even better, rain or shine.

All the league photos are posted to Facebook - AWTL photos on Facebook

2011 ATWL Championship Photos Posted

Photos from the exciting, albeit rain soaked, ATWL Playoffs and Championship have been posted to the league's Facebook page.

Umbrella Corporation Gives Flu Shots

The Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League was pleased to have a representative of the Umbrella Corporation come out to the field and dispense flu shots free to any player in the league at event 4. Though the vaccine was free, the Umbrella staff were at a loss to explain why they were all wearing gas masks.

Umbrella officials denied there was a connection in the reports of a number of players who received an injection and felt a sudden, uncontrollable urge to play video games designed by Capcom.

Any ATWL players who feel any kind of strange side effect are asked to immediately contact the Umbrella Corporation and make arrangements to sign a waiver.

Sep 22, 2011

Mersey Road Predators Win ATWL Regular Season

Congratulations to the Mersey Road Predators on winning the Tippmann X7 Phenom Tactical Woodsball League’s (ATWL) regular season. The Predators came out strong and won two key games at event 3 to clinch the regular season crown.

The best woodsball players in Atlantic Canada converged on Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke to play ATWL event 3 on September 17, 2011 after a two month hiatus. “It was nice to have July and August free for the family,” commented Predators Captain James Langlois, “but that just made my players even hungrier to get back on the field.”

A considerable amount of work was preformed on the Overkill Sportz woodsball field during the summer break. The entire top half of the field had been cleared of brush and reorganized. The changes put a premium on player fire and movement skills leaving the bottom of the field for players who prefer sneaking over fire superiority.

“The Predators fought hard all year and deserved to win the league.” said League Commissioner Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators. “They will now have an advantage heading into the playoffs.”

A new playoff system will be introduced to the league this season. Playoff match ups will be based on a team’s finish during the regular season, first vs eight, second vs seventh etc. Teams play each other once from each end of the field, the winner advances to the next round.

Johnston commented on event 4, “This exciting new playoff format will ensure that chance is taken out of the equation and the best team will be crowned champion.”

The playoffs and championship games will be play at the league’s official field Mersey Road Paintball on October 1st. Can team Anthraxx repeat as champions? Will the Mercenaries wrestle the trophy they hoisted two years ago back to their possession? Or will an all new league champion be crowned? Just one more week until all questions about the 2011 ATWL championship will be answered.

..:: Visit the Tippinators Official Website - www.tippinators.com for up to date news and official information about the team. ::..

Sep 17, 2011

Event 3 is in the books. Thanks you players for a fantastic day of paintball.
Last game of the day Mercenaries 145 Spartans 40
A third shutout, Predators 190 Anthraxx 0
Next up is Anthraxx and Predators
Anthraxx 145 Spartans 0
Spartans and Anthraxx ready to play. Horn in 60 seconds.
In a preview of the playoffs the Mercenaries 150 Predators 105
Final score is another shut out. Predators 270 Spartans 0
Predators have all three flags. Spartans are making a push with 2 minutes remaining.
Predators vs Spartans, Predators have just captured 2 flag. Ferocious fight for the 3rd.
Wow. A shut out. Anthrax 155 Mercenaries 0
Tight game Anthraxx vs Mercenaries. Score being added now.
Final horn has blown. Predators 245 Spartans 15
Predators capture all 3 flags. 15 minutes remaining
Game 2 underway Spartans vs Predators
Mercenaries 135 Anthraxx 110
Game 1 over. For the first time the center flag decided the game.
Great game Anthraxx vs Mercenaries. Multiple flag changes. Lots of paint in the air.
Event 3 about to start

Sep 5, 2011

Atlantic Division MXL Finale

Event four of the Atlantic Division of the CXBL Minor Extreme Paintball league was played September 4th, 2011 at Armymans Paintball in Truro, Nova Scotia. After a six week hiatus all players were eager to get on the field and play for the championship that was within the grasp of all teams.

More than any other season the MXL championship came down to the last event of the season. The standings in 2011 were so close that Tippinators entered event 4 with an outside chance of winning the league. The team’s three wins, two loses and one tie kept the team within striking distance of the undefeated Torbay Republic and Hammonds Plains Troopers. The knowledge that a combination of two Tippinator wins coupled with three Torbay loses would vault the team to the head of the pack made the team eager to get on the field and shoot some paint.

The first game of the day was the Tippinator against the Hammonds Plains Troopers. From the start the Tippinators fell back into their old habit of starting a game slow, spotting the Troopers a five point lead before coming to life. The revamped and much improved, Hammonds Plains team was too much for the Tipps who were not able to close the gap. The Troopers allowed the Tipps to score a few points near the end of the first half before running away with the game and a convincing 14-4 victory.

The Tippinators final game of the season was against their friends the North Port Warriors. The Tipps vs Warriors game a low scoring, back and forth battle, and was exactly what the team wanted for the final game of the season. The teams traded points, neither team able to take more than a one point lead, right down to the final five minutes. The Warriors scored two quick points and took a 9-6 win.

The Tippinators finished the 2011 Minor Extreme Paintball League season with a respectable 3-4-1 record. The team is extremely pleased with the finish in a highly competitive first ever Atlantic Division of the CXBL.

"It was gratifying to see the team not only play, but be competitive in the MXL." Said team Captain Bruce 'Charon' Johnston, "Being sanctioned by the CXBL has brought out the best players in the region and my guys were able to go toe to toe with all of them."

Buoyed by the success of the 2011 season, the Tippinators look forward to a bright future competing against the best teams in the Atlantic Division.

Jun 27, 2011

Tippinators Take Undefeated Record Into MXL Event 2

Tippinators at MXL E2

The Atlantic division of MXL’s event two is now in the books. The Tippinators went into Armymans Paintball in Truro Nova Scotia on Sunday June 26th putting their undefeated record on the line against two tough opponents.

Event two also marked the first time the entire revamped Tippinators xball team has been able to compete at the same time. Five of the xball squad missed event one due to attending the Living Legends IV scenario event in Chicago Illinois.

The returning players meshed with the event one squad seamlessly and the Tippinators took over from where they left off after event one. Once the first match against Sackville Mercs was underway giving players an opportunity to rest between points meant the team not only picked up where they left off but gained momentum.

The match started with the teams trading points then the Tipps started eating up the field and taking the play to the Mercs. In the end the Tippinators doubled up the Sackville Mercs 12 - 6.

After a two game wait the Tippinators were back on the field against the Saint John Syndicate. Syndicate hammered the Tipp on the first three points, the swept the team off the field and the Tipps did not make a single elimination. Shades of the last three seasons came flooding back, when the team would dig a three or four point hole before tightening up and starting to play.

Unlike previous seasons the new Tippinators were able to control the flow of the game, slow things down and dig back out of the hole. The Tippinators pushed hard and were able to take back the momentum of the game and scored a point with five seconds remaining to draw even with Syndicate at 7-7.

"I could not be prouder than I am right now." Said team captain Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston. "The new player’s personalities and abilities fit perfectly with the team. Everyone is on the same page and most importantly everyone is having fun."

The 2011 Tippinators play with poise and enthusiasm the team has not seen is a long time. The line of Ken Gardiner, Justin Landry, Chris Mullins and the new dynamic duo of Christian Alary and Bryant Capson play together like they have been playing together their entire lives.

The father son tandem of Mark and Brandon Miller were on the same page all day and as smooth as olive oil each time the horn went.

The new young blood players on the squad, Aaron Vasil showed poise beyond his years on every point and Will Kerr, who is no taller than a Tippmann with a stock, played like a giant each time he stepped on the field

The eagerness showed on the face of Chris Landry who wanted to get on the field every single point and roll his marker so badly that he looked like he would bust out of his skin while standing in the pits.

Team Captain Bruce Johnston remembered to bring the pods.

Trevor Colwell coached the team and ran the pits like a well oiled machine through both games with help from players from the Bedford Maniacs and Northport Warriors.

Next stop for the xball team is Mission Paintball in Moncton on July 24th. The Tippinators look forward to taking their undefeated record up against Newfoundland Wreckhouse and Torbay Republic for what will be the team’s toughest test in the uncharted waters as a league leading team.

..:: Visit the Tippinators Official Website - www.tippinators.com for up to date news and official information about the team. ::..

Jun 26, 2011

Tippinators 7 Saint John Syndicate 7. Great game to play and watch
Tipps vs Saint John underway
The pods are filled and the Tippinators are hungry to get on the field against the Saint John Syndicate
Next game Saint John Syndicate at 2:30
Final score Tippinators 12 Sackville 6
The Tippinators are ready for MXL Event 2 in Truro Nova Scotia. The teams first game is at 9:30.

Jun 18, 2011

Less that 10 minutes remaining. Spartans trying to push the left tape
Mercs capture left flag and are advancing
Mercs capture right flag
Mercs hang center flag through volley of fire
Both teams have players hit while trying to hang center flag
Predators - 250
Anthraxx - 50
Predators have 2 flags Anthraxx 1
Predators take center flag
Anthraxx takes center flag
Anthraxx makes a dash for the center flag from the start. Player hit just before hanging.
Next match Predators and Anthraxx
Mercenaries - 220
Spartans - 110
Mercs take center flag they now control the field
Mercenaries have taken the left flag
Spartans have pushed through and captured the center and left flags
Spartans being pushed to the respawn
Mercenaries take right and left flags
Mercenaries take center at the same time Spartans took the right flag
Spartans throw smoke and use the cover to take the center flag
Next game is Spartans and the Mercenaries
Predators - 265
Anthraxx - 20
Anthraxx pulled center flag but could not set their own
Predators have all flags. Anthraxx trying to counter attack
Predators have right flag
Predators have center flag
Half time nearly over, next up are Anthraxx and Mersey Road Predators
NS Mercenaries - 290
Halifax City United - 55
HCU takes right flag. HCU's Chris Coolen successfully pushing the center solo.
Mercs have all flags
Mercs hang right side flag
Mercs have center flag. HCU shot my blackberry
Next up Mercs and HCU
Anthraxx - 200
Spartans - 95
Anthraxx pushing last flag
Flags still one per team. Great action in the center
Spartans capture flag. Center still open
Anthraxx captures left flag
Next up Anthraxx and Spartans
Nova Scotia Mercenaries - 375
Halifax City United - 0
HCU trying to push out of spawn
Mercs have center and right flag
HCU sent whole team left off the break
Next up Halifax City United vs Mercenaries
Anthraxx 320
Spartans 0
Spartans pushing left tape
Anthraxx captures center flag
Heavy fight for center flag
Event 2 is underway
Due to TACsat not attending E2 all games will be move up on the schedule.
Unfortunately due to injuries TACSat Paintball has to withdraw from event 2.

Jun 10, 2011

HCU Interview 68Caliber.com

Playing X-Ball in the Woods? YES!

originally posted on 68Caliber.com June 10,2011

Halifax City United

Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston interviews Canadian X-Ball Team Halifax City United and their commitment to step back into the woods at the ATWL. (And don’t forget to check out the image gallery after the interview!)

Interview by Bruce Johnston

Halifax City United (HCU), one of the best xball teams in Canada, is heading back to their roots by playing in the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL). Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston from 68Caliber.com sat down with Gilbert Rossingol from HCU to find out why the CXBL is invading the ATWL.

Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston (68Caliber): Why is a team playing in Canada’s professional xball league, the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League (CXBL), playing in a regional woodsball league?

Halifax City United (HCU): We’re a strong believer that to be really good at paintball, you need to be good at all aspects of the sport. Playing woodsball will help us improve some skills that you can’t get on the speedball field. We also like to mix things up a little bit, doing the same breakout time and time again can get repetitive and boring, what better way to mix it up, then be in the woods.

68Caliber: I see a few Halifax City United players at different woodsball, and scenario events. Will this be the first time your entire xball team has played woodsball together?

HCU: Together, yes. Five HCU players played together in the ATWL last year, and every event, we would bring out different speedball players to play with us. Each player had the same reaction, this is AWESOME. A few of us also like to attend the annual Risk event hosted by the Tippinators at Mersey Road. However we attend them with a different intent then most players. I try to get the guys to command a squad or group of players, reinforcing their teamwork and communication skills.

68Caliber: I know that you have a few US based pro players who play with you in the CXBL. Is there any chance we might see a big name US player on your ATWL team?

HCU: You can never really be too sure about what the future holds. We have some friends that play for just about every pro team out there. This year, we have players from VICIOUS playing with us, VICIOUS is also playing UWL. They actually won their first pro UWL event in Mesquite, NV.

Halifax City United

68Caliber: All players are asked to wear matching jerseys to play ATWL. Your CXBL jerseys are not exactly tactical. Can we expect to see you running in red and white this season or will you get something a little woodsier?

HCU: You can expect to see us in matching CXBL uniforms at the first event. We’ll see how that works out for us. If, for whatever reason, we can’t blend in to our surroundings we will make the necessary changes before event two.

68Caliber: Most people don’t want to bang a $1300 Ego 11 around in the woods. Will your guys be changing any of your equipment to play competitive woodsball?

HCU: Absolutely not. The whole idea of playing ATWL is for our players to get used to playing in different positions, different bunkers, player swill learn nothing if we are using different gear. There’s a reason we all shoot Planet Eclipse markers, we require reliability, accuracy and efficiency, so we shoot what we consider the best in all three.

68Caliber: In xball the playing area is rather confined, and you know approximately where the other team might be. How will you change your tactics to overcome the larger playing area?

HCU: Tactics are something I don’t want to get too much into, but the principles won’t be much different. In xball a back center controls your mid and front players, we will use the same idea in the woods, except that we may have two or three back centers.

68Caliber: The ATWL is a ten man league. Most xball teams have two, five man lines. Will your entire CXBL roster be playing woodsball?

HCU: Everyone on our CXBL roster, minus the players from VICIOUS, will be in attendance at the first ATWL event. As I mentioned above, it is important to expand on your skills list, and we require everyone to be playing.

68Caliber: Halifax City United players have considerable skill and experience playing xball / speedball. Do you think individual skills will translate into woodsball?

HCU: Of course, but like everyone else we’re still learning, progressing, and woodsball is another aspect we need to work on.

68Caliber: What most woodsball players don’t know is penalties in xball can determine the outcome of a game. The CXBL has very strict rules and even fines for playing infractions. How do you plan to dispel the belief that all speedballers are wipers and whiners?

Halifax City United

HCU: When you play with the HCU shield on your chest, you must play with honesty and integrity. We take our showing on and off the field very seriously. You don’t only represent yourself, but you represent your teammates, your city, and most importantly your sponsors. I can’t comment on other teams, but you shouldn’t see any HCU penalties.

68Caliber: More than once I have heard players talking in the staging area talking about how they can’t wait to “light up” the speedballers. How does it feel to know players are gunning specifically for you, and your team?

HCU: Well, I would hope they are. We are the ten players on the other side of the field. I think it adds a bit of fuel to the fire and makes us want to play better.

68Caliber: Come on now, tell the truth. You guys are really out to prove speedballers are better than woodsballers aren’t you?

HCU: Absolutely, our entire goal is to remove woodsballers from the paintball equation. Our hope is to beat them down so badly they won’t ever want to come back. [breaks into laughter] I’m just kidding. We are playing ATWL to have fun and work on some team skills.

68Caliber: Is there anything that you would like people to know that I might have missed?

HCU: First of all, thanks Bruce for the opportunity, we look forward to seeing you on the field. I’d like to say thanks to all of our sponsors, DSSP8NTBALL.com, KEE, EMPIRE, Planet Eclipse, ProPaintball.com, and GR Paintball. Thanks for your continued support. If you want to read about how we are doing in the CXBL, make sure you check our xball.com or propaintball.com.

You can follow Halifax City United and the rest of the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League, on Twitter or friend us on Facebook to get up to date information plus game day updates and scores. You can read more posts by Bruce here on his page

Jun 5, 2011

2011 ATWL Season Underway

The Tippmann X7 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League has been the premiere woodsball league in Eastern Canada since 2007. After four successful seasons the league was taken over by the Tippinators at the end of 2010, who immediately prepared for 2011.

"Our goal with the ATWL is to give players the most professional woodsball league in Canada." said Bruce 'Charon' Johnston, Tippinators Captain and ATWL Commissioner. "The Tippinators have taken over the league with the sole goal of moving the ATWL forward and improving the player's experience."

An expanded field of six teams were ready to bring their woodsball skills to the field in an attempt to capture the 2011 ATWL championship title. "We are excited to have expanded to a six team league." commented Johnston. "This will be an intense season of woodsball."

The 2010 Champions Team Anthraxx will come out of the gate strong to defend their title and attempt to be the first team since the Tippinators in 2007 and 2008 to win back to back titles.

Nova Scotia Mercenaries, the 2010 runners up, will settle for nothing less than regaining the championship they held in 2009.

Mersey Road Predators, are strong contenders for the 2011 title. After a respectable third place finish in 2010, during their rookie year, the Predators have strengthened their roster and built a team ready for a run at the championship.

Coming from the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League, Halifax City United, has ventured for the first time from Canada’s professional xball league to the woods of the ATWL. We all eagerly wait to see if xball skills will transfer into the woods.

An unknown commodity, the Moncton Spartans from New Brunswick joining the league has made the ATWL a truly regional league. The Spartan players have speedball and woodsball experience, no one in the league knows how they will stack up against the rest of the league.

From a group of friends running around the woods on Sunday, to playing in the CX4 xball league and now the ATWL, TACSat Paintball has expanded their roster and sharpened their skills but will it be enough to overcome the best in the Maritimes.

The long winter wait was over and the first event of the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League was held on May 28, 2011 at Mersey Road Paintball, East River Nova Scotia.

For the first time ever the ATWL’s site, Facebook and Twitter were updated live from the field. Significant field developments were updated while the games were in progress plus official games scores were added before the next two teams took the field.

"ATWL event one was some of the best woodsball I have seen played in a long time." stated Chris Landry, ATWL Head Referee and Tippinators player, "If players are this good now I can’t wait for the rest of the season."

After a long day of battles and intense paintball action, the teams with previous competitive woodsball experience fared better than teams new to the league.

"You could see the experienced teams moving more confidently around the field." Johnston commented on the play during event 1. "There is a steep learning curve in competitive woodsball. I am sure by the playoffs and championship all teams will be running at full speed."

Event 1 photos have been posted to the ATWL’s Facebook page

Be sure to follow the league on Twitter or friend us on Facebook to get up to date game day information and scores.

May 26, 2011

Tippinators Undefeated in MXL

2010 marked the final year of play for the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League, AXBL, which was replaced in 2011 buy the expansion of the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League, CXBL. The CXBL expanded their footprint from Atlantic to Pacific by setting up the Atlantic Division of the Minor Xtreme Paintball League, the CXBL feeder league.

The Tippinators were proud to be selected to play the very first Atlantic Division MXL game against Kentville Storm in Kentville at Storm Warning Paintball Sunday May 22, 2011.

Few gave the Tippinators a chance of winning against a much more experienced and larger Strom squad. With six of the MXL rostered Tippinators out of the country playing the Living Legends Scenario Game at CPX Paintball in Chicago Illinois the team’s prospects for the premier match seemed very remote indeed.

In traditional Tippinators fashion the decision was made to play hard, fast and fair. The team would play their hardest, with heart and leave everything on the field. No matter the odds the team in the other pits would know they were in a fight.

The starting line up for the first point ever point in the Atlantic MXL, were new members Christian Alary and Bryant Capson along with Tippinator veterans Justin Landry, Chris Mullins and Ken Gardiner. Subsequent points would be played by new members Will Kerr and Aaron Vasil who would be substituted in every other point for whomever required additional recovery time.

The team dug deep and traded Storm point for point through the first half. Early in the second half Storm got into penalty trouble which allowed the Tippinators to take a two point lead. Storm showed their depth and resilience by fighting back to tie the game at seven with two minutes remaining.

The starting line for the Tippinators went back on the field for the final point and scored what would be the final point of the game for a Tippinator win. After the game both teams shook hands and Storm proved itself a classy organization, by socializing with the Tippinators and wishing the team luck in its next game.

A long cold and wet three hour wait could not dampen the spirits of the Tippinators as they prepared for what is always the team’s favourite game of the season against their arch rivals and close friends Bedford Maniacs.

From the opening horn the Tippinators jumped out to a two point lead and did not look back. The Maniacs dug deep using some return to xball veterans along with their core group to battle hard. In the end the Tippinators aggressive dorito side play was the difference as the Tippinators pulled out a 9-5 victory.

From the observation deck atop the Willis Tower in Chicago Illinois a scream could be heard all the way back to Halifax when the Tippinators at Living Legends 4 heard about the second victory at event one over the Bedford Maniacs.

To the surprise of the entire league, and with a depleted roster, the Tippinators accomplished what no one but the players themselves believed possible, ending event one as the only team with a perfect record. The Tippinators proved that heart and determination can push players past their perceived limits and win games.

May 22, 2011

Cheers in Chicago

The Tippinators attending Living Legends 4 in Chicago Il, erupted in cheers in the hotel breakfast area, when they heard the news of the MXL victory over Kentville Storm

Tippinators Victorious in Seaon Opener

Tippinators open the 2011 Atlantic Conference xball season with a 8-7 victory over Kentville Storm

May 21, 2011

Living Legends IV

~ Photos from Living Legends IV ~
Tippinators at CPX Paintball
Tippinators mounted up for a 27 hour drive through 2 time zones to one of the biggest woodsball games in North America, Living Legends IV at CPX Paintball in Chicago Illinois. Living Legends IV was scheduled on the same weekend as MXL event 1 so the Tipps sent only a small crew of seven players.

On game day the Tippinators arrived three hours before game time on Saturday May 21, 2011 in order to view all exhibits and experience everything the CPX Paintball had to offer. The Living Legends Game was professionally organized. The team had a very quick check in, paint purchase, marker chrono, and team assignment.

Arriving early paid dividends as the team had a chance to meet players to whom they had only talked via online forums or by email. The opportunity to put faces to names and spend time taking face to face with players from around the continent was enjoyable. The team would have talked all day if not for the call to the player briefing prior to game start.

The Tippinators piled onto an on field bus to hitch a ride to the start point. The opening horn signalled the start of Living Legends IV. The tired legs and sore backs from hours in the car disappeared, replaced by game day adrenalin.

CPX boasts a huge playing area of many separate fields that are all used for one thousand plus players who attend Living Legends. Though the field was huge the team spent most of the day fighting up the left side through two of the center piece fields of CPX Paintball; Armageddon and Bedlam.

The Ruins of Armageddon, are built to look like the remnants of a town that was bombed during World War II. Columns and facades of buildings with no roof and huge stone pillars that look as if they were tossed aside by a rampaging giant cover the area.

After fighting through Armageddon the Tippinators pushed over an earthen crest and into Bedlam, a full town complete with cars, street lights and even a phone booth for Mark 'Tinman' Miller to change into his Super Paintballer outfit. Moving from rubble to a full urban environment took an adjustment in play which only added to the full game experience.

~ Photos from Living Legends IV ~
Tippinators at CPX Paintball
The need for paint, air, solid and liquid sustenance were the only things that could get the team away from the playing field. In just a few hours from the start of the game, the exhibitor area had changed from a thousand woodsball players milling about into a carnival like atmosphere. Kids with cotton candy, attractive young ladies handing out drinks, people playing beanbag toss and hundreds of people in street clothes browsed through the various tents and trailers added an extra air of excitement to the day.

As luck would have it Living Legends is scheduled on the same weekend as National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) Chicago Open. The Chicago Open event draws the best seven man speedball teams from around the world including the likes of Dynasty, XSV, and Canada’s Edmonton Impact.

Hosting a major NPPL event plus one of the countries largest woodsball events on the same weekend meant that the vendor area included manufacturer representatives from all major paintball companies plus a number of new players on the manufacturing scene. Players could peruse the newest, latest, and greatest gear for both speedball and woodsball.

When not on the woodsball field the team was able to watch a few professional NPPL speedball games and walk around the exhibitor’s area and talk to professional players. One of the highlights was Richard 'Krush' Robinson seated at a picnic table across from a pro team waiting to sign autographs. A pair of young players stopped looked at Robinson, looked over at the idle pros then back to Robinson. One of the players excitedly exclaimed "Are you Krush from the Tippinators? Can I have an autograph?" The pro players looked on as Robinson gave autographs and talked with the young players.

Living Legends is a fantastic weekend of paintball and is a must for your calendar next season. This is an event where you can play a massive woodsball game with pros like Billy Wing, Mike Paxson, Pete Utschig, and Rocky Cagnoni, plus watch and meet the best speedballers on the planet. You can meet manufacturer representatives to see the newest gear and meet the up and coming companies in the industry.

Was the game good enough to endure a 54 hour drive, round trip? Team Captain Bruce 'Charon' Johnston summed it up best, "The Living Legends game was such a good time that I would be willing to do the 54 drive in the trunk to play the game next year."

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May 20, 2011

Tippinators Tour of Tippmann Factory

Tippinators Visit Tippmann Factory

Finishing a twenty seven hours drive the day before, the Tippinators woke on Friday May 20, 2011 excited to pile into the car and visit the home of the team’s name, Tippmann Sports in Fort Wayne Indiana. The Tippinators drove from Halifax to Chicago to play the Living Legends IV scenario game a day early to visit Tippmann. After twenty seven hours in a car, what was another four to get to Fort Wayne?

The team arrived in Fort Wayne just after lunch and were met by Tippmann Sports Director of International Sales, Brent Cunningham. Team Captain Bruce Johnston and Brent exchanged pleasantries and started down a hall past a vintage Indian motorcycle on display. It wasn’t until the pair had gone a half way down the hall when they realized they were alone. The rest of Tippinators were still in the lobby, attention rapt on a floor to ceiling display of all paintball markers produced by Tippmann. The display had the team snapping photos, talking and pointing excitedly, as giddy as 10 year olds on Christmas morning.

Brent was a very accommodating host, who took the Tippinators on a complete tour of the entire facility. The team was expecting to see conveyer belts transporting marker bodies from station to station in the traditional assembly line configuration. The guys were shocked to see an ultra clean production area where employees at individual stations assemble a marker from start to finish. This production method is capable of producing over one thousand markers per day.

When the team walked into the shipping area with the rows of shelved boxes stacked twelve feet high that Johnston said resembled the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Brent introduced the team to Kyle Smith who happened to be walking past. Kyle the Tippmann Engineer who developed the TPX was kind enough to take the time to explain the development process from start to finish, including extensive testing with paint from all over the world. The TPX was a completely new design and a huge departure for Tippmann. The TPX valve system paved the way for the highly successful X7 Phenom.

~ Photos of Tippmann Factory ~
Tippinators Visit Tippmann Factory

After the very informative impromptu meeting with Kyle Smith the team moved on to the repairs department who service Tippmann markers after they leave the factory. The team talked about the kinds of calls and returns the repairs department receive. The team was amazed at what some customers will try to claim is a ‘warranty issue’. Because the name Tippmann is synonymous with customer service, the repairs department do everything they can to help every player who calls.

While with the repairs crew Chris Landry brought out his X7 Phenom that had been unused since September 2010 and which he planned to use the next day at Living Legends IV. The thinking was to test fire the marker under less than ideal conditions, if something broke, no problem, he was at the Tippmann factory where it could be repaired.

Landry loaded the Phenom with paint left over from the game in September and let it rip. The marker lived up to its name, phenomenal. The marker shot through a full hopper flawlessly in semi and full auto with eight month old paint.

The team finished their tour on the top floor talking with the sales team who field dealers and customers from around the world. After a short chat with the busy sales department the tour ended the conference room with pizza and a discussion of Tippmann and NXe products.

The Tippinators were very impressed with the Tippmann factory and how the company has set up a true 21st century production and sales facility. The team could plainly see that Tippmann, is the world's leader in high-performance paintball products and why at Tippmann, they pride themselves on producing high-quality, durable paintball markers and accessories at an affordable price. Having the opportunity to spend two hours viewing the Tippmann factory and talking to the professional staff was worth thirty one hours in the car to get from NS to IN.

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May 18, 2011

On the Way to Living Legends

Half of the Tippinators are on route to Living Legends 4 in Chicago Il.

May 14, 2011

Tippinators Tippmann PhenomX Custom Mods

Video by Richard 'Krush' Robinson showing the Tippinators shooting their modified Tippmann X7 Phenom.

The Phenom was center fed by Mark 'Tinman' Miller. TechT double trigger installed. Bruce 'Charon' Johnston removed excess metal, sanded the marker smooth and added a custom carbon fiber paint job.

Music in the video is Armada Drive's Generation Why

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May 5, 2011

ATWL Event 3 Set

Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia has agreed to host event 3 the X7 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League on September 17, 2011.

Apr 23, 2011

Black Friday Breaks Records

~ Photos from Black Friday ~
Tippinators at Black Friday 2011

The unofficial opening event of the 2011 Atlantic Canadian paintball season, Black Friday, was held on Friday April 22 at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia.

Along with the Tippinators, individual players from throughout Atlantic Canada, plus established teams Anthraxx (current ATWL champions), Iron Legion, Mersey Road Predators, Nova Scotia Mercenaries, Halifax Mercenaries, North Port Warriors, Halifax City United and TACSat Paintball were also out for opening day

Black Friday is unique because it draws all styles of paintballers on to the same field. It is unique not because of the kind of game, but because it is the first large event of the year. Black Friday is the first chance players have to rekindle friendships and bang the rust off the paintball skills.

"It has been an incredible day," said James Langlois, owner of Mersey Road Paintball, "I have seen players today that haven’t been out in years."

The official event registration of 378, and an unofficial head count of 436, makes Black Friday 2011 the largest game in the event’s 10 year history.

"I woke up this morning and my lawn was covered with tents. It looked like a mini Woodstock.” Langlois commented with a laugh.

Tippinators at Black Friday 2011

Players weren’t the only people with tents at the event. Procaps recently became the official sponsor of Mersey Road Paintball. The Procaps crew was at the field in force, promoting the full Procaps line including DraXxuS Paint and VForce Masks.

“Having representatives from DXS set up to tech markers was a nice touch”, said Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators, “When you travel to big games in central Canada and the US you always see manufactures tents set up. Having DXS on site shows that Black Friday has officially gone to the next level.” Johnston concluded.

The game ran in two 90 minute halves, immediate respawn, with the teams switching ends at half time. The non stop game made for non stop action all over the field.

“There were a few intense battles out there today.” said Justin Landry of the Tippinators, “For me the fun of the battles was secondary to seeing all the guys again. It was great fun playing woodsball with the team.”

~ Photos from Black Friday ~
Tippinators at Black Friday 2011

In many areas paintball participation has been in decline. The exact opposite is true for Atlantic Canada paintball. The increase in players at Black Friday, two team expansions of both the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL), and Minor Xtreme Paintball League (MXL), proves that paintball is stronger than ever.

“It is great to see so many players out today.” commented Landry “With this many talented players out for the first event of the season bodes well for the competition at the ATWL and MXL this year. It is going to be a great season.

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Mar 21, 2011


The Tippinators paintball team is pleased to announce that the 2011 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League is SOLD OUT.

Halifax City United has confirmed they will take the final spot and play in the 2011 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League. Halifax City United (HCU) is one of the best paintball teams in Canada, playing professional xball in the Eastern Conference of the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League.

The 2011 ATWL season will be the best in the history of the league. The best woodsball players, the best xball players, and the best scenarios players all in the same league, playing head to head. This season the ATWL will be a true 'paintball' league and the action will be intense. The perceived lines between the various styles of paintball will be blurred like never before.

"This is going to be absolutely outstanding, never before has this league seen so much talent competing in one season." said Ryan Cox of the 2010 ATWL Champion Anthraxx. Cox continued "If you're looking for intense woodsball, keep looking because these teams are going to make "intense" look mundane!"

Mar 9, 2011

Why All the Markers

Do More Markers Make You a Better Player?
By Bruce 'Charon' Johnston

originally published in the March 2011 issue of Shooting Hot

Most players are as defensive of their marker choice, and style of play, as a mother bear protecting her cubs. Just log on to any on line forum and read about how this gun sucks, and that style of play blows and you will know what I mean. That is why when I show up at the field with a crate of markers I always get a few puzzled stares.

Shooting Hot - March 2011Rather than selling last year’s marker and buying the next, latest and greatest, I find a marker, or markers, I like and keep using them all. I use them all because I know that different types of markers require different styles of play for the marker to be effective.

When I go to the field I carry an old milk crate full of Tippmann markers. I have a SL68II, 98 Custom, A5 and Phenom. The milk create is actually the perfect size to carry all the disassembled markers, loaders, barrels and tanks. And since the milk crate is square and made of tough plastic transportation and storage is easy. Best of all you can usually get a crate for free if you ask at your local store.

I use the markers the same way every time. The Tippmann 98 Custom with electronic grip, center feed, on/off, macro, air through is used for xball and speedball scrimmages and practices. I don’t use the 98 in the woods because I don’t often have the need to shoot a lane in the middle of a forest.

I use each of the other three markers during a regular day of woodsball and I don’t normally shoot any more than a case of paint in the woods.

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is the first marker out of the crate for the day. With the Phenom I like to hang back and hammer away on full auto. Provide cover fire for the faster players to rush up and make the elimination. While playing back I get to asses how the field is playing and he skill level of the opposing side.

When I am down to one bag of paint (500 balls) I switch over to my Tippmann A5 with a mechanical trigger. With the A5 I tend to play in the middle of the field, ready to fill in up front or provide cover fire as needed. I find a mechanical marker is the best kind to use if you want to learn to play all parts of the field. My A5 grip is set up similar to my xball 98c so I can get in lots of snap shooting practice while in the woods.

I know what you are thinking. Why not just switch the Phenom to semi? I like using the mechanical A5 because I have to use my head more while playing. With a mech marker I won’t be tempted to switch over to full auto, and start dumping loads of paint to force my way out of a jam like I could do with the Phenom. When shooting a mechanical marker, or pump marker, you are forced to use your head when you get in a fight, rather than relying only on volume of fire.

When I have only one pod of paint left (180 balls) I break out ‘old faithful’ my Tippmann SL-68II pump marker. With a pump marker you have to learn to take selective shots, move effectively, make yourself a small target, keep your head on a swivel, and trust the players supporting you. With a pump you must have heightened situational awareness because the opposition could pop out anywhere. Using a pump forces you to make short moves or crawl to remain unseen.

The three main reasons to use multiple markers:
1. I am forced to learn other styles of play, which takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me a better player

2. I can play five to ten more games each day by switching to the semi auto A5 and the SL68II. The last bag will last one or two games using the full auto Phenom

3. Now that I have taught myself to make eliminations by sneaking and peaking with a pump marker, I know I will be able to wreak considerable havoc sneaking and peeking with my Phenom.

Will having more than one marker make you a better paintballer? – Absolutely. More markers will make you a better player, only if there are differences in the markers that force you to change your style of play and grow as a player.

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Mar 4, 2011

Only Two ATWL Spots Remaining

There are only two spots remaining for the 2011 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League

The ATWL has room for only two more teams for the 2011 season. Please contact us right away if you want to enter your team. The season is coming soon and these spots wont last. The cost for the ATWL season is $100 player fees and $350 for league fees. A total of $450.

For a ten person team the cost is only $11.25 per player, for each day of professionally organized competitive woodsball. Never before has so much fun and excitement, cost so little.

Drop us a line to enter your team - mail@atwl.caThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Feb 27, 2011

New Atlantic Conference MXL Logo

CXBL Atlantic Division MXL Tippinators

Tippinators Unveil New Atlantic Conference MXL Logo and Name Change

Tippinators unveiled the official logo for the 2011 CXBL's Atlantic Conference MXL Division. The new logo is based on the Tippmann Effect logo and contains the teams trademarked . The team was unable to have the their premier sponsor - Tippmann - added to the league supplied jersey so the Tippinators logo was redesigned using the Tippmann font.

After the AXBL switch to the MXL the team learned they had to change the name, as only one team in the CXBL's system can have the name Halifax. The 2011 the xball team will be called the Mersey Road Tippinators. Players this season are coming from across Nova Scotia so the most appropriate place name is that of the teams home field, Mersey Road Paintball.

Feb 19, 2011

Tippinators Join CXBL

Official Press Release
Montreal - Quebec - Canada

For Immediate Release: February 18,2011

The Xtreme Paintball League and the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League are pleased to announce their newly strengthened union. The Canadian AXBL and the AX4 divisions will now be joining the ranks of the CXBL as the Atlantic conference; these divisions will be converted into both an MXL division and CX4 division respectively.

"Since 2006, the AXBL has shrived to deliver the best possible paintball experience for Atlantic Canadian players", said Mike Bourque, AXBL Commissioner. "In doing so, we’ve always tried to model ourselves after Canada’s Premiere paintball league, the CXBL. With players from all four Atlantic Provinces, competition has always been the driving force behind our game and we believe this separates us from the competition."

"The Canadian AXBL’s team owners are athletes have displayed true dedication to the sport of paintball and are a welcome addition to the ranks of the CXBL", said Louie D’Alesio, CXBL Commissioner. "This will further ensure that the Xball format is the most widely played format across Canada."

The Xtreme Paintball League ….. “Making Good Players Great”


The Tippinators are excited to hear about the merger between Xtreme Paintball League and the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League.

"What are some of the implications and what kind of changes can be expected?" asked Tippinators sophomore snake man Andre Landry rhetorically. "Once the dust settles all players will see that this is a great thing for Atlantic Canada paintball. We will get the same great facilities and exciting action plus the increased exposure and the legitimacy of being part of a truly national league."

May 21st and 22nd, Storm Warning Paintball in Kentville Nova Scotia, will play host to the first games in a new era of paintball. A professionally run xball league being played from coast to coast in Canada. Paintballers from British Columbia to Newfoundland will be playing under the banner of the CXBL.

When asked why the Atlantic division will be MXL and not CXBL, league spokesman Kevin Curry said, "We discussed at length whether to have CXBL or MXL division. It was decided that due to the low and dispersed population in Atlantic Canada compared to the rest of the country, MXL would be the perfect fit for the region."

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Jan 6, 2011

Tippmann-Sponsored Teams to Utilize NXe Gear and Apparel

from Tippmann Sports

Following the recent acquisition of NXe Paintball, Tippmann is planning to outfit select paintball teams with a variety of NXe-branded gear and apparel. This move is part of the company’s commitment to maintaining existing relationships with leading paintball teams, while also forming new team partnerships as its product offering continues to expand.

Over the years, Tippmann has been fortunate to be involved with many teams that have provided extremely valuable product feedback and have also served as a great research and development resource.

The Tippinators, based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, the Hellions out of Chicago, and Bad Karma out of Utah, are just a few of the many teams that will soon be utilizing both Tippmann and NXe brands. Watch for more news soon as Tippmann begins to integrate the NXe Paintball line into its existing offering so even more dealers and players can have access to this great line of products.

Tippmann is always on the lookout for teams at all levels to represent the company who are as passionate about the sport of paintball as they are. However, due to the volume of requests the company receives, it has established criteria that must be met for a team to be considered. Teams interested in pursuing a Tippmann sponsorship are encouraged to visit the following link for additional details: http://www.tippmann.com/usa/teamevents/sponsorship.aspx.

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