Jun 27, 2011

Tippinators Take Undefeated Record Into MXL Event 2

Tippinators at MXL E2

The Atlantic division of MXL’s event two is now in the books. The Tippinators went into Armymans Paintball in Truro Nova Scotia on Sunday June 26th putting their undefeated record on the line against two tough opponents.

Event two also marked the first time the entire revamped Tippinators xball team has been able to compete at the same time. Five of the xball squad missed event one due to attending the Living Legends IV scenario event in Chicago Illinois.

The returning players meshed with the event one squad seamlessly and the Tippinators took over from where they left off after event one. Once the first match against Sackville Mercs was underway giving players an opportunity to rest between points meant the team not only picked up where they left off but gained momentum.

The match started with the teams trading points then the Tipps started eating up the field and taking the play to the Mercs. In the end the Tippinators doubled up the Sackville Mercs 12 - 6.

After a two game wait the Tippinators were back on the field against the Saint John Syndicate. Syndicate hammered the Tipp on the first three points, the swept the team off the field and the Tipps did not make a single elimination. Shades of the last three seasons came flooding back, when the team would dig a three or four point hole before tightening up and starting to play.

Unlike previous seasons the new Tippinators were able to control the flow of the game, slow things down and dig back out of the hole. The Tippinators pushed hard and were able to take back the momentum of the game and scored a point with five seconds remaining to draw even with Syndicate at 7-7.

"I could not be prouder than I am right now." Said team captain Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston. "The new player’s personalities and abilities fit perfectly with the team. Everyone is on the same page and most importantly everyone is having fun."

The 2011 Tippinators play with poise and enthusiasm the team has not seen is a long time. The line of Ken Gardiner, Justin Landry, Chris Mullins and the new dynamic duo of Christian Alary and Bryant Capson play together like they have been playing together their entire lives.

The father son tandem of Mark and Brandon Miller were on the same page all day and as smooth as olive oil each time the horn went.

The new young blood players on the squad, Aaron Vasil showed poise beyond his years on every point and Will Kerr, who is no taller than a Tippmann with a stock, played like a giant each time he stepped on the field

The eagerness showed on the face of Chris Landry who wanted to get on the field every single point and roll his marker so badly that he looked like he would bust out of his skin while standing in the pits.

Team Captain Bruce Johnston remembered to bring the pods.

Trevor Colwell coached the team and ran the pits like a well oiled machine through both games with help from players from the Bedford Maniacs and Northport Warriors.

Next stop for the xball team is Mission Paintball in Moncton on July 24th. The Tippinators look forward to taking their undefeated record up against Newfoundland Wreckhouse and Torbay Republic for what will be the team’s toughest test in the uncharted waters as a league leading team.

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Jun 26, 2011

Tippinators 7 Saint John Syndicate 7. Great game to play and watch
Tipps vs Saint John underway
The pods are filled and the Tippinators are hungry to get on the field against the Saint John Syndicate
Next game Saint John Syndicate at 2:30
Final score Tippinators 12 Sackville 6
The Tippinators are ready for MXL Event 2 in Truro Nova Scotia. The teams first game is at 9:30.

Jun 18, 2011

Less that 10 minutes remaining. Spartans trying to push the left tape
Mercs capture left flag and are advancing
Mercs capture right flag
Mercs hang center flag through volley of fire
Both teams have players hit while trying to hang center flag
Predators - 250
Anthraxx - 50
Predators have 2 flags Anthraxx 1
Predators take center flag
Anthraxx takes center flag
Anthraxx makes a dash for the center flag from the start. Player hit just before hanging.
Next match Predators and Anthraxx
Mercenaries - 220
Spartans - 110
Mercs take center flag they now control the field
Mercenaries have taken the left flag
Spartans have pushed through and captured the center and left flags
Spartans being pushed to the respawn
Mercenaries take right and left flags
Mercenaries take center at the same time Spartans took the right flag
Spartans throw smoke and use the cover to take the center flag
Next game is Spartans and the Mercenaries
Predators - 265
Anthraxx - 20
Anthraxx pulled center flag but could not set their own
Predators have all flags. Anthraxx trying to counter attack
Predators have right flag
Predators have center flag
Half time nearly over, next up are Anthraxx and Mersey Road Predators
NS Mercenaries - 290
Halifax City United - 55
HCU takes right flag. HCU's Chris Coolen successfully pushing the center solo.
Mercs have all flags
Mercs hang right side flag
Mercs have center flag. HCU shot my blackberry
Next up Mercs and HCU
Anthraxx - 200
Spartans - 95
Anthraxx pushing last flag
Flags still one per team. Great action in the center
Spartans capture flag. Center still open
Anthraxx captures left flag
Next up Anthraxx and Spartans
Nova Scotia Mercenaries - 375
Halifax City United - 0
HCU trying to push out of spawn
Mercs have center and right flag
HCU sent whole team left off the break
Next up Halifax City United vs Mercenaries
Anthraxx 320
Spartans 0
Spartans pushing left tape
Anthraxx captures center flag
Heavy fight for center flag
Event 2 is underway
Due to TACsat not attending E2 all games will be move up on the schedule.
Unfortunately due to injuries TACSat Paintball has to withdraw from event 2.

Jun 10, 2011

HCU Interview 68Caliber.com

Playing X-Ball in the Woods? YES!

originally posted on 68Caliber.com June 10,2011

Halifax City United

Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston interviews Canadian X-Ball Team Halifax City United and their commitment to step back into the woods at the ATWL. (And don’t forget to check out the image gallery after the interview!)

Interview by Bruce Johnston

Halifax City United (HCU), one of the best xball teams in Canada, is heading back to their roots by playing in the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL). Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston from 68Caliber.com sat down with Gilbert Rossingol from HCU to find out why the CXBL is invading the ATWL.

Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston (68Caliber): Why is a team playing in Canada’s professional xball league, the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League (CXBL), playing in a regional woodsball league?

Halifax City United (HCU): We’re a strong believer that to be really good at paintball, you need to be good at all aspects of the sport. Playing woodsball will help us improve some skills that you can’t get on the speedball field. We also like to mix things up a little bit, doing the same breakout time and time again can get repetitive and boring, what better way to mix it up, then be in the woods.

68Caliber: I see a few Halifax City United players at different woodsball, and scenario events. Will this be the first time your entire xball team has played woodsball together?

HCU: Together, yes. Five HCU players played together in the ATWL last year, and every event, we would bring out different speedball players to play with us. Each player had the same reaction, this is AWESOME. A few of us also like to attend the annual Risk event hosted by the Tippinators at Mersey Road. However we attend them with a different intent then most players. I try to get the guys to command a squad or group of players, reinforcing their teamwork and communication skills.

68Caliber: I know that you have a few US based pro players who play with you in the CXBL. Is there any chance we might see a big name US player on your ATWL team?

HCU: You can never really be too sure about what the future holds. We have some friends that play for just about every pro team out there. This year, we have players from VICIOUS playing with us, VICIOUS is also playing UWL. They actually won their first pro UWL event in Mesquite, NV.

Halifax City United

68Caliber: All players are asked to wear matching jerseys to play ATWL. Your CXBL jerseys are not exactly tactical. Can we expect to see you running in red and white this season or will you get something a little woodsier?

HCU: You can expect to see us in matching CXBL uniforms at the first event. We’ll see how that works out for us. If, for whatever reason, we can’t blend in to our surroundings we will make the necessary changes before event two.

68Caliber: Most people don’t want to bang a $1300 Ego 11 around in the woods. Will your guys be changing any of your equipment to play competitive woodsball?

HCU: Absolutely not. The whole idea of playing ATWL is for our players to get used to playing in different positions, different bunkers, player swill learn nothing if we are using different gear. There’s a reason we all shoot Planet Eclipse markers, we require reliability, accuracy and efficiency, so we shoot what we consider the best in all three.

68Caliber: In xball the playing area is rather confined, and you know approximately where the other team might be. How will you change your tactics to overcome the larger playing area?

HCU: Tactics are something I don’t want to get too much into, but the principles won’t be much different. In xball a back center controls your mid and front players, we will use the same idea in the woods, except that we may have two or three back centers.

68Caliber: The ATWL is a ten man league. Most xball teams have two, five man lines. Will your entire CXBL roster be playing woodsball?

HCU: Everyone on our CXBL roster, minus the players from VICIOUS, will be in attendance at the first ATWL event. As I mentioned above, it is important to expand on your skills list, and we require everyone to be playing.

68Caliber: Halifax City United players have considerable skill and experience playing xball / speedball. Do you think individual skills will translate into woodsball?

HCU: Of course, but like everyone else we’re still learning, progressing, and woodsball is another aspect we need to work on.

68Caliber: What most woodsball players don’t know is penalties in xball can determine the outcome of a game. The CXBL has very strict rules and even fines for playing infractions. How do you plan to dispel the belief that all speedballers are wipers and whiners?

Halifax City United

HCU: When you play with the HCU shield on your chest, you must play with honesty and integrity. We take our showing on and off the field very seriously. You don’t only represent yourself, but you represent your teammates, your city, and most importantly your sponsors. I can’t comment on other teams, but you shouldn’t see any HCU penalties.

68Caliber: More than once I have heard players talking in the staging area talking about how they can’t wait to “light up” the speedballers. How does it feel to know players are gunning specifically for you, and your team?

HCU: Well, I would hope they are. We are the ten players on the other side of the field. I think it adds a bit of fuel to the fire and makes us want to play better.

68Caliber: Come on now, tell the truth. You guys are really out to prove speedballers are better than woodsballers aren’t you?

HCU: Absolutely, our entire goal is to remove woodsballers from the paintball equation. Our hope is to beat them down so badly they won’t ever want to come back. [breaks into laughter] I’m just kidding. We are playing ATWL to have fun and work on some team skills.

68Caliber: Is there anything that you would like people to know that I might have missed?

HCU: First of all, thanks Bruce for the opportunity, we look forward to seeing you on the field. I’d like to say thanks to all of our sponsors, DSSP8NTBALL.com, KEE, EMPIRE, Planet Eclipse, ProPaintball.com, and GR Paintball. Thanks for your continued support. If you want to read about how we are doing in the CXBL, make sure you check our xball.com or propaintball.com.

You can follow Halifax City United and the rest of the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League, on Twitter or friend us on Facebook to get up to date information plus game day updates and scores. You can read more posts by Bruce here on his page

Jun 5, 2011

2011 ATWL Season Underway

The Tippmann X7 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League has been the premiere woodsball league in Eastern Canada since 2007. After four successful seasons the league was taken over by the Tippinators at the end of 2010, who immediately prepared for 2011.

"Our goal with the ATWL is to give players the most professional woodsball league in Canada." said Bruce 'Charon' Johnston, Tippinators Captain and ATWL Commissioner. "The Tippinators have taken over the league with the sole goal of moving the ATWL forward and improving the player's experience."

An expanded field of six teams were ready to bring their woodsball skills to the field in an attempt to capture the 2011 ATWL championship title. "We are excited to have expanded to a six team league." commented Johnston. "This will be an intense season of woodsball."

The 2010 Champions Team Anthraxx will come out of the gate strong to defend their title and attempt to be the first team since the Tippinators in 2007 and 2008 to win back to back titles.

Nova Scotia Mercenaries, the 2010 runners up, will settle for nothing less than regaining the championship they held in 2009.

Mersey Road Predators, are strong contenders for the 2011 title. After a respectable third place finish in 2010, during their rookie year, the Predators have strengthened their roster and built a team ready for a run at the championship.

Coming from the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League, Halifax City United, has ventured for the first time from Canada’s professional xball league to the woods of the ATWL. We all eagerly wait to see if xball skills will transfer into the woods.

An unknown commodity, the Moncton Spartans from New Brunswick joining the league has made the ATWL a truly regional league. The Spartan players have speedball and woodsball experience, no one in the league knows how they will stack up against the rest of the league.

From a group of friends running around the woods on Sunday, to playing in the CX4 xball league and now the ATWL, TACSat Paintball has expanded their roster and sharpened their skills but will it be enough to overcome the best in the Maritimes.

The long winter wait was over and the first event of the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League was held on May 28, 2011 at Mersey Road Paintball, East River Nova Scotia.

For the first time ever the ATWL’s site, Facebook and Twitter were updated live from the field. Significant field developments were updated while the games were in progress plus official games scores were added before the next two teams took the field.

"ATWL event one was some of the best woodsball I have seen played in a long time." stated Chris Landry, ATWL Head Referee and Tippinators player, "If players are this good now I can’t wait for the rest of the season."

After a long day of battles and intense paintball action, the teams with previous competitive woodsball experience fared better than teams new to the league.

"You could see the experienced teams moving more confidently around the field." Johnston commented on the play during event 1. "There is a steep learning curve in competitive woodsball. I am sure by the playoffs and championship all teams will be running at full speed."

Event 1 photos have been posted to the ATWL’s Facebook page

Be sure to follow the league on Twitter or friend us on Facebook to get up to date game day information and scores.