Sep 22, 2011

Mersey Road Predators Win ATWL Regular Season

Congratulations to the Mersey Road Predators on winning the Tippmann X7 Phenom Tactical Woodsball League’s (ATWL) regular season. The Predators came out strong and won two key games at event 3 to clinch the regular season crown.

The best woodsball players in Atlantic Canada converged on Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke to play ATWL event 3 on September 17, 2011 after a two month hiatus. “It was nice to have July and August free for the family,” commented Predators Captain James Langlois, “but that just made my players even hungrier to get back on the field.”

A considerable amount of work was preformed on the Overkill Sportz woodsball field during the summer break. The entire top half of the field had been cleared of brush and reorganized. The changes put a premium on player fire and movement skills leaving the bottom of the field for players who prefer sneaking over fire superiority.

“The Predators fought hard all year and deserved to win the league.” said League Commissioner Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators. “They will now have an advantage heading into the playoffs.”

A new playoff system will be introduced to the league this season. Playoff match ups will be based on a team’s finish during the regular season, first vs eight, second vs seventh etc. Teams play each other once from each end of the field, the winner advances to the next round.

Johnston commented on event 4, “This exciting new playoff format will ensure that chance is taken out of the equation and the best team will be crowned champion.”

The playoffs and championship games will be play at the league’s official field Mersey Road Paintball on October 1st. Can team Anthraxx repeat as champions? Will the Mercenaries wrestle the trophy they hoisted two years ago back to their possession? Or will an all new league champion be crowned? Just one more week until all questions about the 2011 ATWL championship will be answered.

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Sep 17, 2011

Event 3 is in the books. Thanks you players for a fantastic day of paintball.
Last game of the day Mercenaries 145 Spartans 40
A third shutout, Predators 190 Anthraxx 0
Next up is Anthraxx and Predators
Anthraxx 145 Spartans 0
Spartans and Anthraxx ready to play. Horn in 60 seconds.
In a preview of the playoffs the Mercenaries 150 Predators 105
Final score is another shut out. Predators 270 Spartans 0
Predators have all three flags. Spartans are making a push with 2 minutes remaining.
Predators vs Spartans, Predators have just captured 2 flag. Ferocious fight for the 3rd.
Wow. A shut out. Anthrax 155 Mercenaries 0
Tight game Anthraxx vs Mercenaries. Score being added now.
Final horn has blown. Predators 245 Spartans 15
Predators capture all 3 flags. 15 minutes remaining
Game 2 underway Spartans vs Predators
Mercenaries 135 Anthraxx 110
Game 1 over. For the first time the center flag decided the game.
Great game Anthraxx vs Mercenaries. Multiple flag changes. Lots of paint in the air.
Event 3 about to start

Sep 5, 2011

Atlantic Division MXL Finale

Event four of the Atlantic Division of the CXBL Minor Extreme Paintball league was played September 4th, 2011 at Armymans Paintball in Truro, Nova Scotia. After a six week hiatus all players were eager to get on the field and play for the championship that was within the grasp of all teams.

More than any other season the MXL championship came down to the last event of the season. The standings in 2011 were so close that Tippinators entered event 4 with an outside chance of winning the league. The team’s three wins, two loses and one tie kept the team within striking distance of the undefeated Torbay Republic and Hammonds Plains Troopers. The knowledge that a combination of two Tippinator wins coupled with three Torbay loses would vault the team to the head of the pack made the team eager to get on the field and shoot some paint.

The first game of the day was the Tippinator against the Hammonds Plains Troopers. From the start the Tippinators fell back into their old habit of starting a game slow, spotting the Troopers a five point lead before coming to life. The revamped and much improved, Hammonds Plains team was too much for the Tipps who were not able to close the gap. The Troopers allowed the Tipps to score a few points near the end of the first half before running away with the game and a convincing 14-4 victory.

The Tippinators final game of the season was against their friends the North Port Warriors. The Tipps vs Warriors game a low scoring, back and forth battle, and was exactly what the team wanted for the final game of the season. The teams traded points, neither team able to take more than a one point lead, right down to the final five minutes. The Warriors scored two quick points and took a 9-6 win.

The Tippinators finished the 2011 Minor Extreme Paintball League season with a respectable 3-4-1 record. The team is extremely pleased with the finish in a highly competitive first ever Atlantic Division of the CXBL.

"It was gratifying to see the team not only play, but be competitive in the MXL." Said team Captain Bruce 'Charon' Johnston, "Being sanctioned by the CXBL has brought out the best players in the region and my guys were able to go toe to toe with all of them."

Buoyed by the success of the 2011 season, the Tippinators look forward to a bright future competing against the best teams in the Atlantic Division.