Apr 2, 2012

Tippinators Playing MXL

Tippinators Playing MXL
The Tippinators Paintball Team was planning to use 2012 as a rebuilding season for the xball squad. As in life, things change and when the commissioner of the MXL notified the team of an opening in the league the Tippinators once again threw their hats into the ring of the CXBL Atlantic Conference - MXL in 2012

"I would like to take the time to welcome Bruce and his team the Tippinators back to the MXL for the 2012 season." said Mike Bourque of the CXBL "They are true ambassadors to the sport of Xball. Welcome aboard guys."

With the CXBL restructuring and all the teams from Atlantic Canada now playing in the Atlantic conference the caliber of play in 2012 will be the highest it has ever been.

"The league is completely different from anything we have ever seen. It is going to be a fun year." said Tippinator Bruce Johnston "We may get our buts handed to us every game but I promise nobody will have more fun on the field than the Tippinators."

This season the Tipps will be laying down their much loved 98's and using the new Crossover. "Sounds almost too good to be true," commented Tippinator Dan Lapham "We've got a new gun, a great crew of guys, and experience, everything is there for us to have a good year regardless of placing"