Apr 7, 2012

Tippmann 98 - One Tough Marker

Marker Not Opened in Five Years

Some people say Tippmann Sports make the toughest paintball markers on the planet. While other manufacturers annually change their products, the Tippmann 98 has been in production virtually unchanged for fourteen years. Length of production doesn’t have any affect on durability, however, when something is done right, you don’t change it.

Dan Lapham of the Tippinators has inadvertently put the legendary Tippmann ruggedness to the test. Since joining the Tippinators Lapham has been running the same set up in both woodsball and xball. I don’t mean that he has only been using the same marker, loader combination but Lapham hasn’t taken the tank off the marker in five years.

When Lapham received a new 98 Custom he dubbed it the War Pig and made it his own. He removed the front grip, wrapped tape around the steel braided air line, attached a tank, a loader and headed out to play paintball. The marker has not been apart for any reason, except a change of battery since 2007.

Lapham was forced to sit out the 2011 paintball season and he was eager to get back out in 2012. On April 6th, 2012 he arrived at Mersey Road Paintball for the annual Black Friday woodsball event. Lapham pulled his venerable Tippmann 98 out of the gear bag, filled it with air, paint and shot 285 over the chrono. The marker came back to life, in perfect working order after sitting idle for an entire season.

Lapham has always said you don’t need fancy upgrades, and constant changes to be a better paintballer. Lapham is qualified to make that statement as his paintball resume includes being a CXBL All Star, an AXBL All Star and the cornerstone of the Tippinators xball squad.

It does help a player to have confidence in the marker carried onto the field. Whether it is in the woods or on the xball field, Lapham has proved that the Tipppman 98 is one tough marker.

* Disclaimer * Always follow the manufactures maintenance procedure as found in the product manual for any paintball products. Failure to do so may result is catastrophic malfunction of your marker and grievous personal injury.